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APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN ||Do You Think, Your Time Is Being Delayed?

Danger of Impatience by Apostle Joshua Selman.

Don’t corrupt the power of the testimony that is waiting for you through impatience. Behind every story, there is a glory, the story is what makes the glory desirable.

When people hear the kind of story you have, they will value you because they heard what you went through inorder to be a great prophet, to be a kingdom billionaire and they will not just clap for you, because you are a billionaire but they will clap for you because you are a testament of endurance and you went through those things so that nations will be built.

I once prayed for a politician who was so frustrated, so he said to me ” Apostle , I have spent money, I have done my best but things don’t seem to work out, even when I know that everything turns in my favour, am tired of all this but I have made up my mind to stand for Christ, so I asked him ” do you think that God is wasting your time. God is never a waster of time, rather he makes use of those times that seems to be a waste to make you a better person.

What could have been the story of Joseph if he was not in the prison. Most times, God allows us to pass through some negative situations inorder to have a good story that will fit in to your glory, so you need to be patient and always bear it in mind that God is not wasting your time.

Complaining is a doubt on God’s integrity. The making of a witness is not on the dinning table with tea and bread but in the table of furnace of affliction is where witness are made. There are situation you don’t pray away but you pray to pass through it.

Man of God, stop carrying complimentary card around, asking people to invite you because the fact that you have to beg people to believe and invite you is a sign that your evidence is little, so the key to publicizing yourself is in the secret place and the day they will give you chance to preach in a conference, you will represent the purposes of God in a way you will not go back and you never imagined.

When your season of appearance comes, it will not look like it, because it will come in a way you never imagined or expect. God is a master of using situations to push you to prophesies.

I see God raising great men, I see him raising men of power.

You are rising from that ugly situation, and may God grant you the grace to be patient.

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