Apostle Joshua Selman


Never expect pity from the devil by Apostle Joshua Selman.

When the glory of God rest upon you, you will not only find favour, you will not only find rest but you will also be sure of your protection, because there are certain assault of the devil that happens so fast, so you need to be immune before not during, and by the reason of what I do, am not glorifying Satan but believe me, because I interact daily with people who were not covered.

When Jesus started rising, and he was making news in the town, some people gathered against him, their assignment was not for him to stop but their assignment was for Jesus to die, so if it happened to Jesus, then who flattered you into believing that you will keep rising, you will keep changing lives and destinies and the gate of hell will just be looking at you and be clapping for you, never expect the devil to sympathize with you, because Satan cannot pity you.

What is covering you is so powerful that is why the devil is doing everything to make sure he wins.

You can wake up in the morning and go to market, you know within yourself that you are innocent but how do you guarantee that everybody in the market is innocent, am not scaring you, but you just need to be aware of Satan’s ethics.

You can do your best to protect yourself physically but what of spiritual protection.

I pray for you today, by the power that raised Jesus From the dead, I distangle you from the devil’s projections in Jesus.

You are under God’s covering and you are protected in Jesus name.

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