Apostle Joshua Selman

APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN || Wishing For A Great Destiny.

There are many things God promise by Apostle Joshua Selman.

If God has not said it, there is no basis for committing him to do it according to Genesis 21:11, where God visited Sarah as he has said and spoken.

Anything God has not said or spoken, cannot happen, there is no possibility for it to happen.

Anytime you pick up your bible , always have it in mind that hidden in this bible, lies all the promises of God.

The bible says that God knows the thought he has towards us, the thought of good, and not of evil, to give us an expected end, and on the solid foundation of this scripture, you can place a demand on the integrity of God to make it come to pass, because he has said it.

Alot of believers wishes for a great destiny, they superstitiously hoped that a great destiny will just appear, without knowing how to make it come to pass.

You have to know what God has promised you, so that you can placed a demand on it.

There are many things that God has promised me, I don’t know about you, because the bible is full of promises that God says concerning me, for instance, God promised that the fullness of my days, he will fulfill, so based on that promise, no power in existence has the power to cut me short my life, and I will always believe it.

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