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APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN || Abusing The Power Of God.

The world will soon be tired of our explanations and stories by Apostle Joshua Selman.

The bible says that God has given us power, but where is that power?

You cannot say you have power when things around you are misbehaving, when you see yourself not living God’s destined life for you, when you see yourself living outside the power of God, so you need to rise up today, and say enough is enough to every wrongs in your life, you are no longer going to continue being a powerless Christian, you are no longer going to let things continue the same way, because you have been given power.

The bible is full of the story of men who knew how to receive power, and also knew how to operate or use them, there was a man who lived like a god called Elisha, because he has power.

We need to repent as a generation, this bragging we do on things that are not relevant needs to stop, you have not see anything in power, and you are bragging.

People we called miracle workers in our generation were ushers in the bible, they were in the welfare department, and they were not bragging with it.

I know that power has been abused, there are people that have merchandise power, and they are still doing it, bit of it is the move of God that you want to see, if it is bringing this territory under the influence of God that you want to see, then you need power.

The world will soon be tired of our explanation and stories, they are already becoming tired, that is why most of our children are not interested in the things of God , they are more interested in technology, they will be in church and still be browsing, so we need power to stop all this foolishness.
Christianity genuine results or proof, that in one day can bring glory to Jesus, is Christianity with power.

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