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Apostle Joshua Selman || 3 Keys To Receiving Miracles From God.

Apostle Joshua Selman: There are three keys to receiving miracles from God.

 Isaiah 44:24-27
There are three keys that are locked in that scripture that becomes for us the guiding light into our receiving the miraculous from God.

“thus sayeth the Lord thy Redeemer and he that formed thee from the womb, I am the Lord that maketh all things(did you see that? very profound scripture. Not just the Lord that revealeth it, not just the Lord that giveth). I am the Lord that maketh all things that stretch forth the heavens alone and spread abroad the earth by myself, that frustrate the tokens of liars and make diviners mad and turneth wise men backward and maketh their knowledge foolish(I like this) that confirmeth the words of his servant and performed the counsel of his messengers; that sath to Jerusalem, thou shalt be inhabited and to the cities of Judah, ye shall be built and I will raise up the decayed places thereof: that saith to the deep, be dry and I will dry up the rivers.

The Bible says, you must believe in God himself, the one who makes, the one who gives, the one who works all things according to the counsel of his will. So to receive, what are the keys?

  1. Believe In God, His Love And Power Towards You.

Acknowledge God’s love and power, recognizing that it is in His nature and the character of love to give. As believers, we must sustain the intelligence to receive God’s letter of love, even beyond the miracles received or experienced.

2. Believe In His Chosen Servant.

Believing in God must extend to trusting the specific vessel He has sent to you, not just any available vessel but the vessel sent to you. It is not merely enough to believe in God alone, you must believe in His chosen servant. Disregarding or despising His servant while believing in God hinders the reception of your miracle.

3. Receive By Faith Through Obedience.

Faith can be simplified as obedience. Regardless of the various interpretations and definitions of faith, its essence lies in obeying God and following prophetic instructions. Without aligning faith with obedience, the manifestation of miracles remains distant.

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