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Apostle Michael Orokpo || Reasons Why God Made Provisions For Christians To Live A Glorious Life.

Apostle Michael Orokpo: To understand the provisions that are available for every Christian to live a glorious life. Why is this thing necessary?

  1. The Devil Is Out To Destroy Men.

John 10:10.. The devil cometh not but for to kill, to steal and to destroy

Three-fold agenda. So long as the devil is on earth and you are here, he has one plan for you, to kill, to steal and to destroy. But there’s a good news, Jesus said “I am come that you might have life and life to the full”.
So, if you are not using what God has made available, know that you will be on the other side. This is why having received Christ, we must know what to do, while we are in Christ, so that we will stay safe. The devil has discovered one weakness in God, you know the weakness he found? That God loves man and so because he cannot hurt God, anytime he wants to touch God, he touches man.

In Deuteronomy 32:9 God was speaking he said, the Lord Heritage is his people. God’s inheritance is you and he said Jacob is my possession. So every time the devil wants to hurt God, he looks for man.
The reason God became man was because of you.
The reason Jesus wept was because of man. The reason Jesus was on the cross was because of man.
The reason Jesus is grieved is because of man.

1 Corinthians 1:25.. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

When we speak about the weakness of God, it doesn’t talk of vulnerability necessarily, it doesn’t talk of error, it doesn’t speak of defeat.
God cannot be defeated.
God is not necessarily vulnerable.
When we speak about the weakness of God we are talking about a state God assumes in order for him to be approached, is for the purpose of relatability because if God decides to operate in his Excellency, no creation can approach him. If you come near him you will dematerialize.
So the weakness of God is not error, it’s not vulnerability, it’s not to be defeated..No! It is relatability, he wants to be able to relate with his creation because the way God is, the Bible say God is light and God is unapproachable. So nothing in creation would have been able to approach God.
So when God decides to make himself approachable, when God decides to make himself relatable, it becomes a dimension of weakness. Is in that context that God decided to love man and to love man to a degree that he’s willing to give himself for man and when the devil found it, all of the devil’s attack is on man because when I deal with man, God will hear it. When I deal with man, God will feel it. This is why in order for us not to be vulnerable, God creates a system for our preservation, he creates a system for our deliverance and so every christian must understand what to do to stay delivered. This is why this subject is necessary.

2. The Devil Is Working Over Time.

You cannot afford to relax. In 1 Peter 5: 8 he said the devil, your adversary, is roaring like a lion, seeking whom he might devour and he said whom ye steadfastly resisting in faith.
He didn’t necessarily say God become and resist. He said “you” in faith, steadfastly resist him. So there is a structure, there is a system of deliverance that has been made available to you and if you take it for granted, you’ll be shock, the devil will attack you at your workplace, he will attack you in your family, he will attack you on your business even in your dream, he will come because the guy is a hard worker and because you know he’s a hard worker, you cannot afford to lower your guard. In fact, in that scripture, Peter said in verse 8, he said be sober, he said be vigilant because you have an adversary.

There are many christians who are careless with their lives, they don’t apply any divine structure for their wellbeing and when you talk, they say God is there. That’s why they are surprised most of the time.
You cannot afford to live carelessly in this world, you have an enemy that is checking you out when you are awake and even when you are asleep, the guy is walking over time. Don’t lower your guard, you will regret it.

3. Your Victorious Living Is No Longer A Privilege, It’s A Right.

And because your victorious living is a right, it means it’s your responsibility to enforce it. When your victorious living was a privilege, it was a product of God’s providence, when God chooses to intervene in your matter, he intervenes and when it doesn’t, that’s your issue. But now that it’s your right, you now enforce your right.
Now for those of us who are citizens of different nations, when your right is encroached upon, what do you do? You get a lawyer and you fight for your right because now it’s no longer a privilege, it’s a right.
If being in a country, is a product of privilege, when you are attacked, you will hope and beg for the president to do something, but now that you are a citizen, in case the president is not aware, you know the way to the Law Court.

In the spirit, the court of Heaven is not biased, the court of Heaven is not a court you can bribe, is a court of right jurisprudence and jurisdiction. If you come there, you will surely have Justice and so the reason you need to understand deliverance is because what your life becomes is now largely your responsibility.

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