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Apostle Joshua Selman || Why You Should Kill Arrival Mentality

Apostle Joshua Selman: The advantage of having models and having patterns.

Those who are privileged to be in a position where they spearhead anything spiritual, anything technological, anything economical, they must remain students themselves and never have an arrival mentality.

Any model who wants to remain a model, must remain a student himself. I have great respect for people who have results and whose hearts are open to learn. I always pray for myself that God will do something in my life, that God will place an unction upon my destiny, that keeps me ever humble, even as he lifts me. That the privilege God has given to do the things that we do, that we never become stumbling blocks for others to rise. But that while we are doing this, we remain students ourselves.
The way models remain models is that they also remain students, while they model. Hallelujah.
All models must remain students themselves and never have arrival mentality. This is a rule of thumb. I have seen the anointing in my life but I’m still a student in the school of the spirit and I will learn as God is helping us build others, we are also learning from those who have gone ahead of us, provided you remain a student in the school of the spirit. There is no limit to the height that you will rise.

There’s what we call undergraduate, there’s what we call postgraduate. How many of you know that there are many times in college, in the University where the lecturers are also students? They are employed as lecturers within the university system and yet they are postgraduate students themselves, they are doing their PHD or doing some other things around the system and yet they are lecturers, they will come and teach with authority and yet they are lecturers. That is how to remain an effective model. You must know that God has granted you Grace whether as an overseer over a ministry, as a man of God, a captain of industry, that even though I am leading the field in my area wherever God has placed me, I must remain a student.

Now let me tell you the truth, most of the places today by the grace of God that I go to, most times, I go to be the one to minister. Now that is a side effect.
We get used sometimes to this celebrity life when you go and you sit down somewhere “ah you mean Apostle is here, please bring him to the front” “can you say one or two things? Just say God bless you” and sometimes that sincere honour stops models from becoming and remaining students.
You get used to being celebrated that you now become embarrassed to learn, you are so used to being celebrated that the moment you have to sit down and learn, you interpret it as failure. “Why should I learn”, especially from someone I raised..

There are heights we have not gotten to, there are levels in the spirit we have not gotten to and there are others who have gone there and while we keep inspiring a generation to love Jesus and to become, we must remain students too. Never be embarrassed as a model, if you find yourself in a class in the school of the spirit, learn with honour, sit down and learn take notes. I wish I could show you my notes, you would be surprised, you would think I were not saved because I absorb, I learn whatever I have to learn. My commitment for growth, my passion for growth for my sake and your sake is greater than my ego. My ego will die a thousand times for me to learn and grow. I will ask questions where I need to, if I need to ask a child a question and say “young boy, you are my son but how can I get this done? If he has the answer, I tell you sincerely, I will sit down and I will learn. If you are too big to sit down, you will not eat bread. Jesus said tell the people to sit down before they serve bread.

Those who want to collect the bread standing would die hungry while they are standing. You must humble yourself to sit down before the bread is served.
Great warriors in prayer, you are a millionaire congratulations but that money you have, is it enough? Can you give to the kingdom and still sleep? If not, there is still something to learn. Congratulations for what you have done. As a man of God, thank God for the spirit of revelation, thank God for teaching, thank God for the influence but is that all your life is about? Could there be that there is something more to learn?

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