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Apostle Joshua Selman || Truth About Your Identity

Apostle Joshua Selman: Let me tell you the truth, when you know who you are, you don’t need to waste time telling people who you are. If you find yourself always trying to say who you are, it is a mechanism to manage your not knowing who you are.

Does a lion tell you it’s a lion? Lions roar and it stops there.
An eagle does not need to tell you, “I’m an eagle, keep watching the sky sooner or later, you will see that there is only one bird that is soaring with such level of mastery, that bird is not called a pigeon, it’s called an eagle.
The pressure to try to prove a point is something that must die permanently. If anybody thinks you are a failure, forgive their ignorance while they learn and if they insist that you are a failure, leave them with God, the one who called you to make you successful. If a gentleman looks at you and says you are not fine enough, thank God because you would have married the wrong person, let him carry his trouble and go. If some lady tells you that she wants somebody with all the money in the world, bless God for her and thank God for the one who will see you while you are rising, so that you will not have any fear when you rise. Identity crisis.

Hear me, there is more within you than you will ever imagine. You can be a work in progress, don’t let your limitations define you. It does not mean to embrace everything including what is destroying your life, that’s not what I’m advocating. Some of you have very bad manners with all due respect, some of you are not people of character, some of you are not visionary people. I’m not saying embrace that part of you but have it that there is potential within your spirit. The Bible says we are born of the incorruptible seed of the word of God. Hallelujah.

 I heard God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo  say that there’s nowhere he will go in the world, that the Lord gave him something, he calls a “far above mentality”, that there is nowhere he will go in the world, that he will allow himself to be intimidated and he’s proved it with his life. Now there is a false sense of confidence where you abuse and insult people, they say “lift your hand”, you say “no, I’m fearfully and wonderfully”, no, you are rude and ill-trained. That is not how “fearfully and wonderfully” made people behave.
You sound very sarcastic, you laugh at people, you fight people and say I’m like that, no, that’s an attack.

I am teaching someone here who before the alert comes to your account, you are still confident, you are in one room and you don’t hide where you are staying, you don’t follow through a three-bedroom and  turn around and go to your one bedroom because you are trying to show that you are…. What is there to be afraid of?
You are not the first to stay in one room, you are not the first to have one cooking pot. Stay there with honour and snap it while you are there because it will become a monument tomorrow.

That one room is not your house, that one room is a retreat center, pray there, know God there, fast there, build there, read books there and emerge. When you become bigger than that room, that room will run away from you. it’s true.
There is a level you get to in the spirit where it becomes unfair to remain there, that room will run away even if you don’t leave it, it will leave you.

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