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Apostle Joshua Selman || Defeating Limitations for Unstoppable Success

Apostle Joshua Selman: It doesn’t matter what you see, don’t let the 20 naira trouser deceive you, the person inside is a company that is rising. Don’t be deceived that after the grace, while others are hopping into their cars, God bless them and you are walking after such a powerful message and you are asking, “so what did I fall down for”, you are joking, you don’t know what entered your spirit, the Bible says “now are we the sons of God” and it does not yet appear, if you had seen some of us 15, 20 years ago and they told you this version of us exists in that version, you will not believe it.
Do you know the other versions that are still in you? You have seen the weak one. Thank God you have seen the weak one once and for all, so that every other thing you see is the strong one evolving. yes sir.
Man of God, I know you’ve not started ministry but it doesn’t mean the call is not there, you think we’re always celebrated? No..

 I taught my dear people in Zaria, you walk out your own salvation. It does not start with doing, it starts with believing something about yourself. Hallelujah.
When people hang themselves, what do you think leads them to go and get a rope? You know how painful it is to hang yourself and watch yourself die, yet there are people who prefer that because life has told them something.
 I was told a story, I think it’s just maybe some fiction to illustrate a point that somebody was angry with life and he was wearing some clothes that were not really nice and he was on his way to go hang himself and there was a beggar who was watching him, when he saw him tying the rope, he said please sir, since you are going to die, why don’t you remove what you have and just give me because at least if you die, you’ll be naked and the man turned and said “so what I’m wearing, that I think is a shame is somebody’s prayer request.”
Do you know how many people are secretly praying to be you? They have seen something in you, you have not seen. Your focus is just beauty whereas, they’ve seen virtue and they are praying. They’ve seen character and they are praying.
You are just looking at for want of what, six pack or whatever number you are looking for, whereas someone is seeing a loyal a trusted person.
God used Dr Myles Munroe to train some of us to understand that the world will only celebrate what you celebrate, if you hate yourself and you do not celebrate yourself, it is fraud to ask people to celebrate someone you hate yourself.

Somebody after this service, you need to go back and say “Lord, you’ve done me well o, thank God for the gift of me.”
That there’s somebody today with all due respect with no arms no feet and yet he’s still confident about his life, have you seen people like that? God left them, I believe to be inspirations to us. You have your hand, you have your feet, you have everything complete and you are still saying “you are not good enough.”
“Who am I”, you need to answer that question now and you do not identify yourself with things, if you say “I am a millionaire”, that is not bad but that is not an intelligent answer. A millionaire means one who has millions, no.. There is a more superior understanding that produces such a person, what happens to you if all the millions leave? What happens to you if all the fame and everything leaves? Most people have defined themselves with the things around them, so you live a life that looks like a failure and a miserable person, suddenly you get a job with some oil and gas firm and you square up immediately. Hallelujah.
Sitting in front here does not change me, believe me when I tell you this, if I sit at the back, I’m still Joshua Selman full of everything God gave me and if you doubt it, you will give me time to prove it.
Many people because of identity crisis today have gathered all kinds of enemies, I came to the occasion and they called me Joshua Salman not Apostle Joshua Selman, okay they made a mistake, “sorry”, it’s all right.. No, I won’t forgive them..

 I went for a wedding and they started serving the other people before me, okay “sorry it was a mistake”, that means you are saying they higher than me… Who told you?
You were introducing people and you introduce brother A before brother B, so you are trying to say brother A is more important… Are you seeing how failure keeps suggesting things that is not even in the minds of people? I have taught you this, someone can be looking at you like this and you say this looks like hatred and the person is thinking about his rent not you, the person is just looking at you but honestly under God, what he’s thinking about is how to beg his landlord.

This is not a call to being pompous, being loud without reason but it’s a call to a settle sense of confidence, no matter what you say about me, provided you are not God and you are not anyone in front of me that I respect, you only wasted your energy and your sound. Do you have that kind of courage? Because there are many times as you’ll be learning you will have to walk alone.
I believe everything God says he has made me, my sufficiency is not of myself but of Christ who has made me an abled minister.

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