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Apostle Joshua Selman || How To Manifest The Things God Has Said About Your Life.

Apostle Joshua Selman: The first way to convert the things that God has said, to be made manifest in your life, is to use the weapon of prayer to tap into the wisdom of the spirit and know what you need to do, to make that blessing manifest. The Bible speaks generally about how to get answers for everything but there are unique instances in our lives, whose solutions are not directly written in scripture, this is where the wisdom of the spirit comes. There is nowhere in scripture, where it is written how you should take care of four of your children or how you should heal cancer or how you should attend to your needs.

We pray for many reasons but I am telling you that one of the scriptural end time strategies for believers, is to know how to use prayer, not just for intercession, not just for transformation but prayer as a tool for ascendance, that you can use prayer to accend until you draw the wisdom of the spirit and download rhema word from God, that you will obey immediately and it will make the word of God to be made manifest.
Many believers study scripture but you do not know that most of the things that you read in scripture were inspired by the Holy Ghost and that same spirit lives in you but you must know how to stir up the operation of the Holy Spirit to reveal to you.

For instance, when we were about to start here in Abuja, I was praying, we did not even know where we’ll be using for an auditorium. Now, that is not written in scripture. There is a general guide as to what to do but now the unique word that provides solution and brings to pass what God has said and I kept praying in the spirit “Lord what is the way out? I am frail in myself and in my ability, you are the only one who will help me and while I kept praying. One day a rhema word came and the Lord told me “buy the map, get a the map of Abuja, the map of Nigeria, the map of Africa and the map of the globe and keep praying on it”, now it does not make sense but that is a rhema word, the prophetic word of God is now being converted to the experience and I got it in obedience and all I kept doing was to pray.

In fact, as at the time I was praying, I had not yet even settled if it was Abuja, I was still trying to confirm in my spirit, it was one time I was praying and my eyes were lifted and I saw, just when you are coming towards I think the stadium road or so, that map of Abuja, that was when I saw it and immediately I knew that this was it….. Now that is step one.
How are you now going to begin to make things happen? Then you pray “in the name of Jesus, how is this going to happen, Lord reveal to me”.
Can I tell you this, when you stay in the place of prayer and you stretch in patience, waiting for the Lord, His word will come. When the word of the Lord comes, it comes with a solution for you. For someone, that word can come and God will tell you “call so so so and so person and just tell him about your needs”. Ordinary, that is a failed strategy but God will tell you and you will speak to the person and the person will say “you know, I was just thinking of someone to bless. How much is it?” And you say, I’m even afraid of saying it. He says “say it”.
“Is 10 million”, he says come and collect it tomorrow and you will kneel down there and say “God what is this”, it is a rhema word.

Most believers do not know how to stay until they get the strategy that brings prophetic words to come to pass. There are people who in the place of prayer, God will tell you “go and get a bottle of water” as a rhema word “and take it while you are praying, that will be the cure of that sickness.” It may not make sense but it’s a rhema word for you, it’s not a ritual to now start sharing for everybody, it’s not a doctrine but it has come as a rhema word. You will carry that water and just take and that is the end of it. That destructive sickness will never plague you again.

There are others, God will say “wake up by 12 in the night just walk around your living room, sing praises”, and you will get up by 12, you are still feeling the pain but because He said so, you will be singing praises like a mad man. Sometimes as a businessman, all doors have closed, you have done everything you need to know and to do and you will just be singing praises to the Lord and while you are singing praises, the pain goes, never to return or while you are singing the praises, an email will come, an alert will come. You see that now?
It was in the place of prayer that God brought the word for the sound of revival that we did in UK. I knew that it was time we’re stepping into a season, where we are now taking the Kingdom and the power of God across the globe but to guess how you would do it, you can fail as if God did not speak to you.

There are many people, what you are doing is a wrong strategy but the goal is genuine, God actually told you that this is what you would do but you did not stay to get the strategy, you just assumed that just because God said “feed the hungry” and you carry money and before you know it, you are broke or God said “you a man of God”, you just assume that is to start a church and you don’t have the bills nor the people to come and listen to you.

You want dominion over spirits, dominion over sicknesses and diseases, dominion over limitations economically speaking, you must learn to invest in the place of prayer for the purpose of tapping into the wisdom of the spirit. That is how I prepare some of the sermons that come. Of course, there is a principle for preparing sermons but I take out time and pray and God is at liberty to interrupt my schedule and interrupt any series we may be ongoing with, to be able to reveal. After all we are all His people and He’s the Lord over the ministry, we are organized people but not at the expense of the prophetic speakings of God. He has liberty to interrupt at any time and bring forth that which is needed in the season.

They came to Jesus and said this woman was caught in adultery, in the very act of it. The issue was not the woman, the issue was to find a way of discrediting Him(Christ) and He keeps quiet and He’s writing and He looks at them ‘wisdom’ he who does not have sin among you, cast the first stone and that was the end of it.
How about His healing? There were some that He spat on the ground and made spittle out of it, put it on their eyes and said “go and wash in the pool called salom.” There were others, He spoke to them, laid hands. There were others, He made a decree, even though He knew that God was with Him and He was in His destiny to heal the sick, He had to wait for every rhema word.
This is the difference between our generation and the generation of our fathers, most of them were not very educated but they will wait till God speaks, they will never take careless steps.

Our generation is quite intellectual and in it sometimes we just ignore the place of the voice of God.
“Should I pursue oh God”, I know it is in my destiny to get to the promised land but how am I going to defeat them? And you sit down and begin to pray, you are singing songs of worship and sometimes in the midst of that prayer, you will fall asleep. It’s not slumber, it’s God putting you to sleep and you will have a prophetic dream and out of that dream will come the solution for the next level.. Hallelujah!

Every believer who wants to be part of this dominion campaign over spirits, over infirmities and over financial bankruptcy, must know how to pray to tap into the wisdom of the spirit.
Sometimes, you are studying and you are praying and the Holy Spirit will lead you to a property that does not make sense and say just buy that land and leave it there. You buy that land 2 weeks later, someone else will come and they want to buy it even if it’s 10 times more, they will say we need it. Wisdom. Hallelujah!

Some of you, sometimes the spirit of God will just speak to you and say you know what, send a text to this person and just greet the person, don’t talk about money, don’t talk about a need and the Holy Spirit will say “you just obey”, because it came in the place of prayer. You just send a text and the person looks at you and says, how are you? I hope you are doing well? And you say “well not exactly well”
What is the issue? I’ve been struggling for my rent and he say “okay, you know what, for the next 4 years I will be paying your rent. Send me your account number” and that’s it.
Simple instruction, it came by the wisdom of God.

Someone will look at your life and see that you may not have a job as it were, but you are excelling in a way that they cannot understand, is because you have learned how to pray.

Listen, we are a very busy people especially within the context of today’s world but let me plead and beckon on you, those who will be champions in the spirit in this end time, are people who can stay away and take some time. When you pray and get direction, then you can take action. Taking action in ignorance or disobedience will only recycle pain. There are men of God, you have to stop. Don’t just assume that because everybody is doing conferences, I must do it too. Everybody is doing this and you want to do same. There are people today who went to do charity and they became poor, because they did not ask from God to get direction, they carried all their money home and abroad and went to do charity and went down, not to rise up again.

When God speaks, there is honor that follows His word.
When God speaks, there is power that backs what He says.
Except it is not the God of Heaven speaking. When He speaks, you can trust what He says.

We must become people of prayer. There are many believers who pray but they do not pray with the consciousness of tapping into the wisdom of the spirit. You can pray for transformation, you can pray for warfare but there are times you can pray and imagine a man climbing a ladder while you are praying, you are ascending to the spirit bringing your ears closer to the heart of God by the spirit, then His word comes “no, do not do it this way. Do it this way.” “oh you are taking this step, hold on. Do it this way.”
And you obey God with childlike faith and you return back with extraordinary results. The people that you see that look invincible, they are not necessarily extraordinary in themselves, they have just learned how to wait until He speaks. Hallelujah.

** When you honour the people who God has placed this Grace upon and that you can receive genuinely through hunger, through service and through honour.

There are dimentions in the spirit, in as much as Christ died to make it available, the administration of those Graces depend on transference of mantles and Graces from the carrier of this grace to those who need them. There are people today who embody the grace for wealth and abundance not by making empty noise, it is a Grace God gave them.
There are people today who God has placed His hand upon them unusual understanding into the realm of the spirit and how to administer victory over unclean spirits. You will never tap into that grace dishonoring these vessels.

It is the reason why we advocate honour. You see the reason why many people remain incapacitated because generally, it’s almost become a fashion to criticize areas that you do not see working in your life. I don’t know where we got that satanic campaign but I pray that thing leaves the body of Christ.
When people find out, that there is an area they are not stepping into, they downplay it, they demean it, so you see someone talking and x-raying the issue of unclean spirits and talking with authority and that person cannot cast out a single spirit and liberate families. Empty talk without the grace for performance.

How about those who criticize? there are people who have the guts to criticize men like Benny Hinn and shout over people and then you find out that they do not have the grace to heal even a common headache.
Listen ladies and gentlemen, let me teach you this. You will never step into a dimension of grace you dishonor, is a principle that you must learn. The moment you make it as part of your life to dishonor the body, dishonour fathers, dishonor carrier of this Grace.

 I’m not not teaching human worship and sometimes I know that we men of God have found ourselves victims of subjugating people because of the little grace that God has given that in itself is wrong. However, anointing answers to genuine honour. You can honour your way into realms where you access Graces that can put you in charge indeed.
I remember many years ago I used to see people pray and cast out devils and it was like I was watching a movie “what in the world is this? What sort of authority is this? How do you command spirits to exit the lives and the destinies of people”, in my ignorance and limited knowledge, I made up my mind from my spirit and seeing from scripture that I would step into this grace, there has to be that understanding that releases that authority.

How about sicknesses and diseases? I would watch Benny Hinn, TL Osborn, Charles and Francis Hunter, this Mighty men and you see their meetings, you think they are joking until they make declarations and you see all manner of healings and I said “come on God, the same Lord is rich onto all. There has to be something, this healing anointing is real. Where is it? Lord bring it within my reach.”

 I remember buying the videos of Charles and Francis Hunter buying their books, TL husband’s books,  because I could not access them directly but I said I will honour their materials and I will keep it side by side with
scripture and then, when it had to do with the grace for favour, I initially kept looking at the grace for prosperity but I found that prosperity was a subset of favour.
You can have money without favour but it’s impossible to have the favour of God upon your life and be bankrupt economically. And I search for people, when I found people like Dr Mike Murdock, I camped around their teachings and said “Lord, whatever Grace you placed upon this men, there has to be a way out.” These are people who God has helped.

Kenneth Copeland, God helped them. I said “no, we have to camp around these things.” When this Grace comes on you, you know it has arrived. Graces are transferable, that’s why nobody needs to remain in that low level. We may not all be at the same level per time but everybody can enter a level that makes your Christian experience a delight to behold. Hallelujah.

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