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Apostle Joshua Selman || What You Should Understand About Sickness And Diseases

Apostle Joshua Selman: Let’s talk about sicknesses and disease. Sickness is a gradual administration of death upon a person. Now, the way God designed His system, is that everybody is given the privilege of one body per lifetime. Lifetime, meaning the period from when you are born until you finally transit out of this realm. You are given the liberty to have one body per lifetime and maintaining that body is important for your longevity.

And one of the commonest ways that satan takes people out of this realm before their time, knowing the laws that God created around living, is that he afflicts your body, so that your body deteriorates. There is a certain health requirement for your spirit to remain in your body, when your body deteriorates beyond that point, your spirit will have to leave whether you are done with your assignment or not. So, when satan sees that this person, it looks like there’s nothing we can do with that person, sickness comes into your body and what happens is that is starts to deteriorate your body and it gets to a point where your body can no longer host your spirit and at that point you will have to leave. Hallelujah.

This is what happened to the man Elisha, even though he was an anointed man of God, you will think as anointed as Elisha was, a man who could heal anything, he died of sickness. It was sickness that killed him and the anointing was still in him and that anointing was was there in the bones and it raised a dead body back to life. Yet, it killed the one who had it but could not benefit from it because there are rules of engagement.

They were bringing a dead body and the dead body fell and touched the bones of Elisha and jacked back to life… What a miracle!
And yet, the person, the owner of that body became sick until he died.
If you entertain sickness in your body, it will bring you untimely death. When you are dealing with sickness, use every scriptural means to deal with it, the balm in Gilead, the power of the Holy Ghost, attack it.

That is why I will never teach you to ignore medicine. I believe in the supernatural, I will administer the supernatural till the day I see His face but I am a responsible man of God and I will not teach people to ignore medicine. If your faith has not grown to a level where the power of God becomes active to keep you strong, do not feel guilty, take responsibility and see a doctor, come for koinonia and we pray for you, while we all keep growing.
Many Christians in a bit to practice faith without guidance and with wisdom have deteriorated their health in a way that it could be managed. Satan is an opportunist, the moment he sees a loophole.

 For one year you’ve been having severe pain around the heart, but it doesn’t matter, what I just know plus Jesus minus satan. Careless Christian experience.
And many people embrace it that way until they tell you “ah.. if you had come 2 years ago, we would have been able to work on this. You’ve been having internal bleeding for years, you’ve not care to check it.”
It is your responsibility to walk in partnership with the word of God, to walk in partnership with the wisdom of the spirit, to keep this body healthy enough for your spirit to remain comfortable as you serve God.

Many people say “I shall not die but live”, they already on their way to the grave because they do not know what it takes to make prophecy become manifestation. The person who is saying “I shall not die” is dishonouring every parent, dishonoring every father, dishonoring everyone.
The person who is saying “I shall not die but live” is eating anything he finds in front of him, even when he needs to or not.
The person who is saying “I shall not die” is not serving the purposes of God… You are on your way dying for sure!

There are many scriptures that are connected to longevity, freedom, liberty from sickness, one is “I shall not die but live and declare.” That means, if your life is not advancing the Kingdom, you will be a victim in this end time. It’s not a threat, it’s a truth.
There are people that God will not allowed to die, His jealousy will defend them, they are too useful for His program. Hezekiah turned his face and said “God, you want to kill me, remember who will fund your project, who will bring glory to your name.”
How many of us can stand and look at the spirit of death to the face and look at God who is the judge of all the earth and say “Lord, remember my work in Koinonia, remember my partnership, remember my giving.”

Show me a man who is doggedly involved in the program of God, I show you somebody who the devil will be forced to stay far from. Claiming blessings without the conditions connected to them, is what will keep making a mockery of people.
There are people who God will never allow the devil take their lives. Many children eat because they are alive, many people go to school because they alive.

There are many preachers today who are comforted and have left the way of compromise courtesy their help and their partnership, no devil will take them out of the way. Hallelujah.
“I shall not die but live and declare.”  Number two, He says “honour your father and your mother in the Lord, that it may be well with you and that you may live long.”
There are many people who stand and look at their parents with their face, insult them, insult every man of God and they don’t know they are programming death. They think they are expressing themselves and before you know it, you are dividing your years times two and the person gets up one morning and then he just says a bike man just killed me. No Sir!

All these things you call coincidences, there are no coincidences in the spirit, it’s a product of intentional programming.
As for me, I’ve made up my mind that in the name of Jesus, when my assignment is done, I will not die the kind of death that brings reproach to the name of the Lord with all due respect to those who have gone. I honour them.
Thank God they made heaven but me, I’ve chosen the template of my own life in the name of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah.

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