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Apostle Joshua Selman || Major Ways Satan Attacks The Saints.

Apostle Joshua Selman: One of the major ways that satan attacks the saints, is in the area of access to supplies, access to resources. The most distracting aspect of the believer’s life proven by history, is the area of finances and the frustration that comes because of their inability to get needs done.
There are men of God today who cannot even have the breathing space to prepare sermons and bless God’s people because you get to the table, your Bible is on that same table and there are bills and you have to think how do I raise this money and the devil will suggest “gather the people and manipulate them, tell them lies, do something so that you can meet these bills. How do you pay for the bills”…

The number one sponsor of compromise among believers, is the absence of sufficiency. I hate to just use the word finance, because most people would think we’re just talking about money. To be incapacitated economically speaking is a dangerous thing. Hallelujah.
With all humility and by the grace of God, I can tell you that the reason why you are comfortably seated receiving the word of God and you can guarantee that nobody will manipulate you and try to take advantage of you, it’s not just because of the anointing, is that by the grace and the help of God, there is sufficiency to be able to get the work of God done, so that Integrity can be maintained.

 Integrity is a function of many factors, the will to live a life of Integrity is only one, the means to support your desire to walk in integrity must also be there.
There are many people today who pray in tongues in church but when bribe comes, they will collect. It’s not because they are bad, they have children in school.
It’s only God that knows what people do for finances and come to church and wear the sanctimonious garment and say “Lord, we thank you.”
Lack and insufficiency is a curse, that affects your mind not your account. Hallelujah.

 I know what it means to be in a position where you are incapacitated financially and you are under pressure. One of the major causes statistics would tell us of the high blood pressure of many men right now, is economic issues. They sit down and they watch their children, they just lost their job, downsize them, Madam is not doing anything and here are four or five or six children and you know how it is in Africa plus relatives who have now come, who are staying with you and all that is on you and you find people talking to themselves driving and talking to themselves till they hit a tree without knowing. That’s what depression and frustration is doing including preachers.

Some of this anger you see with preachers on stage, is finance that causes it. People just come on stage and lash out on everybody and you are wondering what did I do, I only came to church to hear the gospel because there are bills.
For as long as I live, nobody will manipulate you in this ministry on economic ground.. No!
When it’s time to give, we challenge you to give and present it to you in truth but we fear God too much but you see you cannot make a statement like this with an empty account.

You have to be empowered in this end time, if not, one day you will not know when you will carry your own children by yourself and say “please sell this child and bring the money” and don’t you say God forbid, ask the two women in the Bible. Do you know what it means for a mother to watch her child and boil the child and eat the child.. What kind of hunger is that!
No Goats, no cows, no nothing and you see four people crying, two women and their children and the mother is looking at the child, the child thinks it’s compassion and the mother is preparing to eat the child.

Compromise makes a lot of sense in the presence of desperation. By the time they are throwing your child out and this child is in his final year and just because of 200,000 300,000 this child is about to lose his opportunity, you will not know when as a parent, you can simply fake some report. Your office gives you that privilege and yet your conscience is standing before God “do I do this, do I not.”
One of the ways that God helps men to walk in integrity and righteousness is to grant them access to sufficiency by the spirit.

 I have met many sincere people, who have been active participants in the world of compromise and they will tell you ‘Apostle I’m not a bad person, it is the kind of pressure that is on me.”
And if the saints deny this, you have only given satan a tool to destroy you. Every time God’s people serve His purposes and they begin to muse the idea of an exodus, satan comes to attack them economically. Look at what happened to Israel in Egypt.. Hallelujah.
They were there, they were given strong straw but the moment Moses came and started speaking, Pharaoh said “ah it’s because you have straw given to you that’s why you even have the time to be thinking of an exodus. Stop giving them straw, the time they are using to pray, let them use it.”

There are many families today that cannot call for a retreat as individuals, as a couple, as a family, they don’t have that luxury of time because satan has burdened many family with the yoke of looking for money. There are parents with all due respect that never see themselves for days because by the time the other person is sleeping, the other person is already out going, they return back in the night. How about young children? Few weeks that I was teaching here, a young girl of 18 years old returns back home with 1 million and the parents suspect that this lady must have done something that is not correct but they cannot rebuke her because they need it, so the lady says “thank God, my parents are even backing me.”
God must help us to get to a point where we understand how to translate the riches of Christ in glory and to make it manifest in our lives, otherwise a generation will come that will not call the name of the Lord again because of lack and this is something satan has used to cheat the church.

On one hand, we have people who are advocates of materialism and lust for money. The entire discussion is money money money money, whether people are born again or not, whether they are saved or not, whether they love Jesus or not, whether they are passionate, money is what rules everything.  That’s another side of the danger.

But then, there are people who in error and ignorance and even in pride have interrupted God’s program in terms of making supplies available. It is a big mistake if the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ decides to frown at economic empowerment, especially through the dignity of Kingdom integrity. There is a  relationship between influence and financial supplies. You will be a better Christian if you can give your children a healthy meal, you will be a better Christian if you can send them to good schools whose values you are aware of but if you do not have the resources, you have to make do with what is there until your child ask you a question as a parent that you will not be able to sleep.
“Where did you learn this from” and they’ll say that’s what my teacher taught me.

You want the child to change, 2 years in that kind of institution and your child has become something else and becomes a reason for your pain until you drop dead.
How about the financing of the Gospel? There are many people today, pastors, missionaries, families who love the Lord with all their heart but they have been limited financially.
Right now, because of what is happening economically, globally, housing rates have increased, money for gas and there are people who just smile in church and dance but the truth is that, there are people right now, the one problem is this issue of finance and it has led people to depression.

No wonder our young people today are getting into money ritual. The solution is not just to say “stop.” Young people have energy, they need to make progress in their lives. like I said the last time, I will never endorse this evil but just saying stop, is not the solution. They must be shown the Kingdom’s way.
By the time a young man is seeing his sick mother, the sick father and somebody tells him just go and slaughter one young girl or slaughter one young boy, carry their organs to some herbalist and suddenly become a millionaire overnight, they will do it and carry the tithe and bring it to church and because we men of God are also incapacitated financially, even if God reveals to you that this is blood money, you say “I will give thanks and still collect it. Hallelujah.

How many ministers of the Gospel finish preaching to God’s people and they go back depressed and in pain wondering, their wives and children asking them is this what God called you to do, is this how our lives will be, simply because you answered the call. You were a doctor, you were an engineer, you were architect, you were a great man, is the call to ministry a call to becoming a curse?
That’s why I made up my mind and I’ve told you that my first part of call is to make sure you are vibrant spiritually, loving the Lord, growing in character, conforming to the image of Christ. Second is to grant you spiritual intelligence to understand the kingdom and understand the life of the spirit. Thirdly, is to empower you by the the spirit, so that you become mighty and robust to do the works of the Kingdom. Lastly is to reveal purpose for you, that every empowerment and enlightenment that comes to the believer is connected to Kingdom come but finally to see to it that you live a life of decency with dignity serving the lord and living as responsible people while you do so. That is my assignment and as the Lord keeps me alive, I will not fail in any one of them in the name of Jesus Christ.

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