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Apostle Joshua Selman || Ways To Enjoy The Authority That Immunes You Against Sickness.

Apostle Joshua Selman || There are many ways to enjoy the authority that immunes you against sickness or against unclean spirits.

  1. Is Your Personal Understanding.

Your personal understanding of the finished work of Christ. It has to be a personal revelation for you.

2. The Advantage Of Prophetic Covering.

I’m showing you the ways that God designed for believers to be immune.

Is a product of your personal revelation of the finished work of Christ. That means as a personal responsibility, you go to understand the implication of His death, burial, resurrection, how that he defeated satan, seen hell and the grave, He resurrected triumphant and He’s now seated at the right hand of the father. What that means to you and then the advantage of prophetic covering.

The advantage of prophetic covering is because everybody will come into this understanding gradually. So prophetic covering was put to midwife your victory while you learn and while you grow. That is why there are people, the moment they become connected to certain visions, even before they come into certain levels of understanding, they enjoy certain privileges. Remember when the blood was put on the lintel of the nation of Israel, it didn’t matter the personal belief of the person in the room, provided there was blood on the lintel, everybody within that room, even if you were an armed-robber, you were safe from the angel of death. Hallelujah.

I have seen wicked spirits in my vision, I know what they do to families, sometimes I am pain when I watch the ignorance of believers, they just assume that just because Jesus has died, everything automatically is gone. No!
Let me show you a scripture

Hebrews 2:6-9 But one in a certain place testified, saying, what is man, that thou art mindful of him? Or the son of man that thou visitest him? Thou madest him a little lower than the Angels; thou crownest him with glory and honour and didst set him over the works of thy hands: Thou hast put all things in subjection under his feet. For in that he put all things in subjection under him, he left nothing that is not put under him. But now we see not yet all things put under him.

 Paul is the one who was given the privilege of what we call the pauling Epistles, he understood redemption from a standpoint of divine revelation and Paul is saying in as much as it is true that in Christ, victory has been accorded every believer but he says now, experientially, we do not yet see all things under his feet.
It is true that no curse should work in your life but now, we do not yet see the manifestation of that victory because mama is still crying, the young men are still in bondage, the women are still feeding the men in that family, it ought not to be so.

Now, your assignment as a believer is to;

  1. Regardless your condition to believe that the truths that have been captured as far as Christ finished work, will not change. Let God be true and all men liars.
  2. To take the responsibility to know that, between prophecy and manifestation, there is something you need to understand and there is something you need to engage. This is a missing link for many people, especially among the pentecostal charismatic circles.

So, we just leave everything to God and say don’t worry or at best we believe the only thing we should do is just to speak. I believe in speaking the word but if the only thing you do in terms of destiny actualization is speaking the word, you may live a painful Christian experience laced with all kinds of disappointments because speaking is not the only thing you are mandated to do, there are actions of obedience based on what’s scripture has given us and based on the rhema word that comes by the spirit as a unique strategy for you.

If the Nation of Israel kept shouting before Jericho “in the name of Jesus, Jericho you must go down”, they would have died for nothing. Beyond speaking, a strategy was given to them and they walked in obedience and that’s what brought Jericho down.
I want to challenge you, I have seen this in my visions and the word of God confirms it, there  is an onslaught of wicked spirits being released in this end time over ministries, over men of God, over families. Walking in spiritual ignorance will be a costly bargain in this end time. Hallelujah.

So satan sees that lady, that gentleman will rise to become the horn that exalts the family, all of a sudden leads to the next one, you will start seeing mysterious sicknesses. Have you seen people with all due respect who were AA, all of a sudden they now find out that they were SS? For instance and they cannot explain where that came from or you find someone who has been healthy, living a responsible life and the next thing they say you are having HIV… From where? “Sorry you are having HIV”, that’s the end of discussion.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is more than a health issue, there are spirits, their assignment is to take you out of the way for the sake of those who will be blessed by your life but again I’m praying for somebody, in the name of Jesus, if there is any sickness in your body whether you have detected it or not, that is growing to become any blood disease or any cancerous statement in your life as sickness, you’re a man and it looks like enlarged prostrate is growing to become cancer or breast cancer, I don’t care what it is called.. I curse it now in the the name of Jesus…

I told you a story here years ago. This happened in Zaria.
True story. A woman who was pregnant and in her dream, she would always see like monkeys come to molest her and all of that and she just shrugged it over. She had a still birth, as she birth, she gave birth to a hairy child looking physically like monkeys.
Ministry is like medicine, you will see all kinds of things that you would not have believed except that it is right before you. I have seen a woman who got pregnant, her husband had died. She got pregnant because a spirit came to molest her and physically she started getting pregnant.
And you see, as a man of God, all those problem is you they bring it to. Everybody just runs to you and say look, just know what to do with me because this one is a spirit.

Don’t get into end time ministry, if you don’t have power. You will make a mockery of yourself, your family and the name of Jesus.

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