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Apostle Joshua Selman || A Fake Life Is Very Expensive.

Apostle Joshua Selman: A fake life is very expensive. It takes so much to fund a fake life and once you start, you must maintain it. If you are not there, you are not there. You can start gradually with the dignity of Kingdom integrity. Don’t try to buy a car that is not yet your level, don’t try to go and live in a house that is not yet your level. You are living in a house that you are owing 3 years rent, now you can’t pay back, it’s a sign you are not yet there. Get out of that place and look for a decent place. Hallelujah.

There are some of us, you do not yet have the means to start gathering people and celebrating elaborate birthdays, elaborate occasions.. No!
Be patient, God is bringing you there.
Even for schools, as much as I would want you to educate your children at the highest level, you must be wise and keep them within your budget. Find the best school that your budget can afford. If your child is on scholarship, that is fine otherwise find the school that your budget can afford.

Great disaster is going to befall many and there are many who will begin to compromise because of this finance thing. “I shall not want”, is not just a prophetic declaration, it is a declaration that comes with responsibilities and the responsibility is learn all you can.
Now that God has given you a good job, don’t waste your salary that is coming, learn all you can about investments, meet intelligent people with integrity who know what they are saying, not people playing games all around the internet deceiving and fooling people. Don’t fall prey to some of these things. Seek counsel.

There are four kinds of investment you must make in your life;

  1. Your Spiritual Investment.

When I talk of investments, I’m not just talking of putting money. Your relationship with Jesus is a potent investment that has returns, even financial returns.

2. Mental Investments.

What you store in your mind is there, you don’t need to refrigerate it, you don’t need to warm it, it is there and will always be ready to be delivered when needed.

3. Invest In Your Health And Your Well-being.

It’s an investment. Invest in your health and your well-being. It’s often said that people deteriorate their health to make money, then they use the money they have made to now maintain their health that is now deteriorated. Don’t be like that, invest in your health and your wellness.

4. Invest In Strategic Relationships.

Relationships are investment, they bring returns.

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