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Apostle Joshua Selman || A Big Ideal To Preserve Your Business Name

Apostle Joshua Selman: If God gives you an opportunity to do something, and you don’t have capacity to do it, don’t do it. Preserve the name and let someone else take the profit. You did not lose. Preserve the name, the track record and give somebody who would do an excellent job. A good name is better than profits.
If they give you a contract of 100 million and honestly is just favour, prophecy came and instead of damaging that thing, you lose the profit and you lose your name. Bring someone who is competent, even if the person is greedy and wants to take everything, you preserve the name, the name will recycle the opportunity again. Hallelujah.

I made up my mind as a man of God, I do ministry with the heart of a shepherd but I have the brain of a businessman, not because I’m all out for money.. No!
Everywhere I go to minister, I see what I’m serving the body of Christ as the gospel but I also see it as a product. Everything I say is going to affect and influence the life of millions of people and so I do my homework, I make sure that if I ever stand on this stage or any stage, I’m communicating as much as I can, intelligent life applicable principles.
That is the reason why I listen to my own messages. I listen to be blessed by what God has said through me but I also listen to learn and see areas of improvement “ah these statistics that I brought is now outdated, correct it.”
Next time you’re on stage, you correct it.

There are times that I preach and people listen to me and with every sense of love, sometimes they send as “ah Apostle you spelled this, this way or you pronounced this, this way. This is how it is, can you improve yourself.” I don’t say “who is this stupid person”, I’m passionate about excellence and I’m not ashamed of my limitations. I learn, improve myself and I come back to correct myself a more superior version. Receive the grace to hate mediocrity.

There are many believers who say ‘I can cook”, cook what? For who? Be mindful of the person whose money you want to collect. You want his money but does the person like you? Does he want your service?
Now, do you know there are people just this December alone, they will make in excess of 10 million packaging hampers? I’m not exaggerating. There are hampers that are almost 1 million 2 million, depending on what you put there and someone can order 30 just to use it and honour those who have blessed them and it will go to one person. Whereas, someone else is praying and say God when will you come for me and God is saying okay let’s be honest, if I give you this thing now, you will break two people’s relationship because of lack of excellence, put something that is meant for women in a package they told you is for a man because there’s no excellence.

Believers, let us not make it look like it is a curse for us to love Jesus. Loving Jesus does not take away your brain. Please go and sit down, whatever you cannot do well, challenge yourself and then surround yourself with sincere people who can love you but tell you the truth.
Don’t surround yourself with mediocre, that will always tell you “this is exceptional.”
 You made pounded yam that is looking like garri, the soup, people do not know whether it’s draw soup or is not draw because everything there, you are confusing the people. Go back and be excellent.
Yes, it is the will of God to lift you but not in that state. Which king will you serve with that kind of thing and it’s the kings that have the money to give you.

Men of God, let me challenge you with all due respect, there are certain people who will never come and sit down under your ministry until you rise to a certain level of excellence, excellence in delivery.
Nobody will carry his wife and children of noble repute and come and sit down.
Watch the people that came for Jesus’s program because they knew that they would hear something that is life applicable, intelligently presented with a point of application.

Many believers lack excellence but we want everything to work out well. You buy a rubber plate from a believer, is already bent before it gets home because it was so poorly done in a bit to compromise on standards.
I’m challenging believers, money flows every day but it flows from those needing excellence to those who serve excellence. It will jump those who are not interested, those who do not respect Excellence. Hallelujah.

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