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Apostle Joshua Selman: To live an effective christian life holistically, it is value. And even though I am not selling it, God’s laws will not change.
Every time you dispense value, a reward will come eventually, whether it is sold or it is given free. The Bible say “give and it shall be given unto you.”
I don’t have to receive where I gave but I will receive what I gave. So I am giving you in koinonia here and the reward for what I’m doing now can be waiting for me even in another Nation and somebody will bless me. It is how it works.

But hear me ladies and gentlemen, everybody must be valuable, you must be an active contributor.
What you call products and services are simply your value, that you are now packaging to become products and services with excellence.
You must find something that you have that the world needs, that they are willing to pay you for. It’s very important.

Write a list of the things that people are willing to pay for. Most of you don’t know what people are willing to pay for, if you don’t know what people are willing to pay for, then you will never be able to receive money under normal circumstances.
There are thousands of people on this ground, outside, all the overflows, and after service, most likely more than 60% to 70% of the people gathered here are going to eat before they sleep. Am I right on that?

There is a guarantee that by morning they will eat again, by afternoon they will eat again, by night they will eat again, all through their lifetime.
What people are willing to pay for? Men must dress. Someone made what I’m wearing, someone made what you’re wearing, someone will make what you wear tomorrow. There is no day in your entire lifetime even when people die, they bury them with clothes.
How about those who transported you from your house to bring you here, there are hundreds of people waiting now after service to convey those who may not have their vehicles yet, to take them back home and for every one of them, you will pay for.

How about health? Who will not pay any amount to remain alive?
 I’m giving you an example, so that you don’t just sit down and say there is nothing I can do. It’s not true.
Whoever believed that in a world where 70% of the world is immersed in water, you still pay for water. The one thing almost all of us pay for is water.
Any Nation anywhere will pay for water. You are paying for one of the most abundant resources on Earth. You pay for water, you pay for land.

The only thing we don’t pay for yet is air. Hallelujah.
You know you are valuable by who is willing to follow you, if nobody is following you, is a report card that you are not valuable or valuable enough as a man of God, as an individual. Who is following you and willing to pay for what you can do?

It is amazing ladies and gentlemen that when you become valuable, it does not guarantee that you’ll be wealthy, no. Value already put you in a position of advantage because now you are ready to move to the next level called productivity.
The law of value talks about discovering the solutions that you can bring to people but productivity is the act of packaging your value and turning it into products and services.
Productivity is different from value. Value talks of discovery, productivity talks of packaging, refining your value.

There are many people who can sew, many people who can sing but nobody can pay them for it, the reason is because, it’s still at the realm of value, they are not yet productive.

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