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Apostle Joshua Selman || Secrets To Retain Favour.

Apostle Joshua Selman: If you insult someone whose help you need, including your boss, you will be doing yourself a disservice. Do you know why? Because in the world of the great, they are largely surrounded by psychophans especially in the corporate world.. So, everybody is trying to market themselves as saints and the way they do it, is by tearing down others and if you become the one who makes yourself a scape goat by tearing your superiors in the presence of your contemporaries, when they get to your superiors, they will use what you have said as a ladder to climb and get favour from them. This is a secret most people don’t know because everybody is trying to win the attention of the CEO, everybody’s trying to win the attention of the director, the GMD and someone will say “director, I need to tell you something. I know I’m a junior staff but please be careful with this lady, she told me something that…. will you allow me say it?” and the man will say “say it, let me hear.”

“Oh this lady said this and that and that and that” and the man says “really, can you prove it?” And she said “yes”.
“All right, that’s okay. May God bless you.”
Then, the lady just comes “oh sir, how are you” and he says “let this be the last time”… What happened?
And you see people come and say somebody who used to like me before, he stopped liking me. They heard something you could not manage, they will not tell you but you have betrayed trust, you have betrayed something.

The man called you and gave you $1,000 because he heard your mother was sick and he said take this $1,000 go and help mama but be careful. And you went around “everybody, if you are doubting who the boss likes in this office, I’m the one. Who else can hold $1,000? The goodness of God through my boss.”
And someone says “Ah but I just told this man my own mother died too” and before you know it, the man will hate you and make sure they bring you out of that company. There are battles that are unnecessary. Wisdom!

So many believers have put themselves in positions where they have lost favour because they did not know how to manage people.
You follow your boss to a meeting, a board meeting where you see the who’s and who’s there and just because of the privilege of his bringing you, you sit down somewhere and hear a discussion that you should never have heard and while you are hearing it, you bring out your phone and you are recording and you are snapping them and sending it to your friends and say “you can’t believe, I’m in the presence of this guy, can you imagine. Bros we will talk later and you are happy.
And before you know it, the unwise person will now put it on social media and say “see what the Lord is doing to my brother” and that’s the end of it.
“Oh who put this on social media?” Is so so so and so.
“Who did this, who recorded the conversation, who did this and that?” “It is that boy you brought” and immediately, both you and your boss lose favour. And because the man lost favour, he will hate you, even if he is your relative. He will say “never come to my life again.”

If any of you have made any mistake like this and it has shut the door of favour, in the name of Jesus, I prophesy; let the mercy of God rewrite your story now……

Whenever God takes you to the table of greatness and you meet the great, be wise. One of the most expensive commodity on the table of greatness, is information. Know how you manage information of great people. Some of you will thank me for this.
If you are a PA here, either a PA or a protocol to anybody or perhaps maybe an aid, I’m giving you a wise counsel both spiritual and professional. Your edge in walking with great people will be your ability to make them feel at ease in your presence to manage information.
Drivers, those who work around homes, they have been the reason why armed-robbers have come to attack great people, they have been the reason why great people have lost favour because they did not know how to keep quiet.
“He says, set a guard over my mouth”…

The greatest demon is not the one in your village, is this thing you see in front of your face. Most of us, your mouth has destroyed you, there is nothing your ears here that your mouth will not say.

I’m praying for you, the grace to keep quiet is a remarkable Grace, may God give you that gift. Hallelujah.

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