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Apostle Joshua Selman: Not everybody will be Abraham but everybody can partake of what God told Abraham. If you are lot, master relationships.
I have told you ladies and gentlemen, the greatest way to maintain relationships is gratitude. If you cannot be a contributor to that relationship by bringing value, lavish that relationship with gratitude. Ingratitude will destroy great opportunities from your life. There are businessmen who did contracts once and they refuse to say “thank you” to all those who played a role and I’m not just talking of giving things; acknowledging the contribution of men to your life. Nobody will leave you, if people know that they feel at home, they feel loved, they feel honoured around you. Hallelujah.

Relationships is a very powerful mystery.
You don’t remember anybody’s birthday, you don’t remember anybody’s anniversary and these are people who matters to you, you hear that someone who helped you before, just lost his mother and father, you don’t care even when they tell you, you just say “okay, may God help them, everybody dies” and then later on you now come and say “I’m hoping and trusting, that God will use”, the person you ignored just becomes the chairman of a board.

There are things that can be so easy, if the people who are there really like you, the memory of your kindness to them.
There are people who have risen to strategic positions today and with all due respect, some of them reach me and say “Apostle, please if you need any help or anything in this area, I am just a call away. Whether it is for you or for someone else. I remember what you have done for me, I remember what you have done for us and this is our opportunity to see what we can do.”
 I’m praying for you, may God connect you (I know that you should be connected to everybody) but I’m praying a personal prayer for you, may God connect you to a wealthy person.

Joseph interpreted three people’s dreams, he interpreted the dream of the baker but he still remained in prison because the baker had no power to help him. He interpreted the dream of the wine presser, he remained in prison because he had no power to help him. But when he interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, he came out immediately from prison.
It matters who you serve, God can call you into certain circles using just one relationship. When I pray that you’ll be friends with a wealthy man, it’s not because of the money, it is a realm of reality that one person can bring you and everybody within that level will begin to deal with you the way that man dealt with you, this is the advantage.
 I’m not saying you should go around following wealthy people, it’s God that makes it happen.
The easiest way to prosper financially is by connection through relationship.
There are people who are not as smart, there are people who are not as knowledgeable, there are people who do not know half the things that I’m saying but they are multi-billionaires, simply because of relationships. They maintain relationships, they maintain strategic connections.

I think it was Dr Mike Murdock who said that statistics shows that everybody is only four people away from his helper all over the world; The person God has destined to help you. There is somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody, who knows that person. Life will be as difficult as the relationships that are missing in your life.
Relationships were designed by God to close destiny gaps and if there are gaps in your destiny that relationships have not closed, you will find out that, it can prolong your journey.

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