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Apostle Johnson Suleman || Overcoming Adversity: The Key to Greatness

Apostle Johnson Suleman: See, you are going through a lot. Greatness always starts with trouble.
When Jesus was born, every child under the age of two was killed. And Jesus was called the Messiah and the Messiah is the one who has come to redeem people from death.
The one has come to redeem people from death was born and children were dying. So, how do you tell any of those mothers that Jesus is Messiah?
The characteristics of your life now, is to market the grace on your head. The battles you are seeing now, is actually a proof.

When you see anybody around you, that goes through all kinds of battles, that is a person satan is interested in, because God is interested in.
The so-called black sheep of the family, ends up becoming the voice of the family. That child that you see today, that giving you lot of problem, that is the child that is sent to deliver the family. The devil has seen what the child will do, so it makes that child a problem.
The neglected become the selected..
The rejected becomes the celebrated..
The ignore become the honoured..
Those who have been mocked, become made by God.
Those who have been shifted, become lifted because God has.
Change your thinking, change your conclusion, this is not your end, you will see the end of this battle.

One of my daughters, many years ago in church, good singer, all of a sudden she stopped.
I noticed she was always sitting in the crowd, she was no more sitting on the choir stand. It took me a while because we have quite a big choir, so I sent for her. I said “you’ve not been singing in the choir”, she said “my father”.
What happened? And she told me that there was a banker that wanted to marry her, the banker mistakenly asked another sister in the choir about her, that was the end.
The banker was her friend, both of them had a relationship and that sister said all kinds of lies
and the banker switch camp, move from her to that girl. I was not aware.
So she said, she doesn’t want to be in the same choir with that girl. I said “go to the choir”.
She said “Dad, I can’t”
I said “go”.

When I made sure she roped for like two three Sundays, I said come and I said listen, anybody who lives you because of what somebody said, never loved you. I said because true love is unconditional.
Please mark those who don’t identify with you in your pain, make sure you don’t allow them enjoy your gain. When you are going through pain, they pretend they are not aware. When God bless you, pretend you didn’t see them.
Many of you have been disappointed, you have been betrayed because you feel people have hurt you, so you don’t want to have a good heart. Please, keep having a good heart but mind the people you give it to.
And I said to her “forget about that man”..
She said “Daddy, after service, she will enter his car, she will sit down.”
 I said “should she stand? inside car, they sit down now”

She said “Daddy, but this is not fair. Daddy call her.”
 I said “no no no, I won’t call her.”
She said “warn her.”
 I said “I won’t warn her.”
She said “so I would just stay like that?”
 I said “yes, stay like that, God wants you to be seeing it and be feeling pain so that when your greatness come, you remember your pain.”
She cried, after a while, from the messages I was preaching, she was strengthened.

One day, I was having counseling, some of my son’s  came from the US. So there was something she came to give me, there was a song that she sang, like two three songs she sang and I like them.
She now say she’ll put them in MP3 and come and give them to me and she also said that there are other worship songs. I love worship, once you’re in the prophetic, you must love worship.
So, I said “okay, compile them and bring them.”
So she walked into my office, I was talking to one of my sons, he lives in America, the guy is
Odogwu. You know, there are some men that are Odiego and there are some that are Odogwu.

As she dropped the MP3, as she was going, I saw my son’s eye. I said “look here”
“Sorry sir”, he held closer, say “papa, I don see wife”.
So I said “do you know if she’s married?”
He said “God forbid, she can’t be married.”
 I said “calm down.”
He was agitated, so I said step aside. I called my daughter to wait.
So after they spoke, I told them to go out. I called her in “you see that man, he likes you. Do shakara. Don’t just say yes, just tell him “let me talk to my daddy, let me talk to my pastor. Do shakara.”
Cut the long story short, they have three children now. Most time I go to the US, when they come and drop something, I said “this is too much.”
“Daddy, if not you”…

Do you know, that banker has left that girl? A woman in Luke 13 was in the temple for 13 years afflicted, yet she never left the temple. 13 years of Affliction but remain in the synagogue.
Don’t let what man did to you, make you leave God.
Because, there is answer coming.

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