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Apostle Michael Orokpo || Why Most Christians Don’t Get Result After Fasting And Prayer.

Apostle Michael Orokpo: Paul said something, “If you claim you are dead with Christ, and you have risen with Him, let your affection be on the things above”, that means where your affection is, is what determines your direction.
So, if your affection is not towards Christ, you will descend.

There are many Christians dying in the hospital  and there are other Christians that if you carry their handkerchief, it can heal the sick. And then, you are asking, ”what is the difference?”, all of them have the Holy Ghost, all of them have eternal life. Where you are sitting determines what you manifest.

So, while all of us are seated in Christ heavenly places, one dies of cancer, the other one handkerchief heals cancer. And then, you say what happen?
See, there are something’s you don’t need to argue. Go to the hospital, you will know the difference that your doctrine is wrong.

There is a function of height.  There are many Christians that have laboured for more than 20years, nothing is working. Another Christian walk up to them and say, “I open the door”. And because he said it, the door of 20years that you have been fasting and praying for long will open. If you are arrogant, you will die where you are.
We are not thesame. In salvation, we are equal but in kingdom, we are different. Because one of the things that determines your rank, is the height where you are functioning from. There are ladders in heaven and there are caders in the spirit. You determine where you stand base on what you know and what you engage.

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