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TD Jakes || How To Make Use Of Time

TD Jakes: My challenge in our generation, is entertainment through, television through, media through, every way possible. We are living in a generation of the dumbing down of ideas. Because we have traded effectiveness for busyness. Statistics says we are busier than any other generation, we have seen in the last 300-400years. We are just as busy as we can be and we think because we are busy, we are effective.

But I want you to challenge your schedule for a minute, and ask yourself; are you really being effective or is your life cluttered with all kinds of stuff that demands you and drains you and taxes you and stops you from being your highest and best self? Or are you substituting busyness and all the chaos that goes along with busyness from being effective?

Let me tell you a bunch of scientists got together, they began to do some research and they begin to determine that 80% of the things we do, are busy things that we do in an area that is not effective, that the average person only spends 20% of their time, doing the things they are really gifted and creative and passionate about, excited to do. And the rest of it is all the  dismal dumb stuff that we all have to do in order to survive. Just crazy stuff that we are doing.
Wonder what would happen, if we would go from going 80% of things that are busy, but not effective and 20% of the things that are really effective. If we would switch those numbers around, and only give 20% of our time to the things that we have to do and 80% of our time, to the things that we were created to do. Wonder what would happen to your life now, think about it  a minute.

But when you take my time, you have taken something from me that is totally irreplaceable. We take all kinds of classes for money management.
We know how to manage our money.
We know how to repair our houses..
We are working on our hair and bodies and all of this kind of stuff.
We do everything except the most important thing, is to value our TIME.

It takes time to be creative. You were meant to be creative. You were created in the likeness and the image of a creator and in that likeness and in that image, you have creativity.
If you had time, you would be creative but in the absence of time, and was busyness and clutter being the following

That means that we have the opportunity to learn how to maximise our lives. Think of the things that you are doing that somebody else could be doing. And think of yourself as a precious commodity, that you are going to reserve your energy for your highest and best use.
The first thing we teach people who understands their significance,  if you were doing anything that somebody else in your life could do, you are not reserving yourself for your highest and best use.

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