Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo — If You Don’t Want To End Up As A World Life Begger

Nothing good is delivered without a desire, what you don’t desire, you don’t deserve.

You can end up as a world life begger, you can end up as a failure, you can end up as poor person if you choose to do so, everything about your life is partially dependent on the kind of decisions you make.

You can’t be a world changer, if you are not a changed person, because only changed persons can change the world, so inorder to change the world, you need to be the change you want to see in your world.

Nothing great drops on people, people gradually step into greatness, so you are the one that is expected to pursue great, not the other way round.

You can’t reap a supernatural Harvest without sowing spiritual seeds, Spiritual seeds are the doctrines of the scripture that you applied in your life, i.e, living according to Scriptures, and that is how great man are made or built.

This is the best time to get to the shape you want your life to look like, because there is a level in life where you can’t do some certain things no matter how you do it or how hard you try.

I can’t be a pilot at this stage of my life, because I have passed the age where I am considered trainable, so everything about life are for times and season, and everything about your life is timed.

There is no battle free life, the time to build Spiritual strength reserves is now, if you faint on the day of battle, your strength is small, so the best time to build strength is now, wake up and build Spiritual strength reserve for the future that awaits you.

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  • Araile Abiola

    How can someone be a prolific speaker like you ma


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