Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo — No Woman Is Inferior To Any Man

See your strength as a woman, acknowledge your strength as a woman.

Don’t allow the demonic part of our culture to make you feel funny about yourself. When I was born, people cried for my father, because I was a girl, and they believed that i will never amount to anything, but God proved them wrong.

It does not matter the culture of African or any land, no woman is inferior to any man.

Husbands, your wife is not competing with you, she is just unique in her own way, you are expected to stand side by side with each other, she is not supposed to stand in your front, or at your back, but she is meant to stand by your side.

As a woman, you are not supposed to be a foot mat to your husband, you must not be proud nor egoistic, you just need to be comfortable, and know your right.

Celebrate yourself, invest into yourself, don’t see yourself as nothing because you are a woman or a wife.

There are so many wives today that are making names for themselves and families, there are so many wives today that are paving ways for their family, so you have no excuse to continue being the way you are, you have no excuse of limiting yourself as an ordinary housewife.

You are created for more, you are created for greater things, so get rid of that mindset that you are a house wife, because you can still be a house wife, and still be doing great things.

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