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Apostle Joshua Selman — Being Great Is Different From Having A Great Name.

Being great is different from having a great name by Apostle Joshua Selman.

When you are great, you are great for yourself but when you have a great name, other generation to come will use it as a leverage.

At the end of your life, whether you are a preacher, a leader or a parent, your name to those who are before or after you, will be a a padlock or a key, so it will either lock doors and destinies of people, multiplying hardship or it will open doors for people.

Even Jesus gave us his name, you can use the name of Jesus to bind every devil, so anywhere you see the devil, mention the name of Jesus because in his name, there are possiblities that happens.

The name of a man is an investment of his life track record, his creditability. There are names in this country that you will call and you will get a job instantly even if there is no space , they will create a space for you because that name is a track record of investment. There are many people who have gotten jobs beyond their educational qualifications because of a name.

You are truly a failure if you cannot transfer your name, I don’t mean the spelling of it but the power you can accumulate through that name.

The name you carry contains within it’s favour and God has used that name to lift many,so take advance of the name.

The second thing that qualifies to be called an inheritance is your name. Please don’t play with your creditability or your track record because the are build ups that will give you a name that your generations to come will eat from it.

There are parents who may not have physical money but there children will never beg for food because even though they had no money but their track record gave them a name.

Most people will be lifted by the name they carry more than just their intellectual investment. When God makes your name great, even when you are not there, your name will remain there and others will benefit from that name, so your name is not just certain initials to identify you.

I pray that your name will be a key and not a padlock in Jesus name.

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