Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman — The Mystery Of Hard Life.

How we bring curses ourselves unknowingly by Apostle Joshua Selman.

There are many children today who are carrying curses from their parents, not from demons, but from their parents, because they spend their lives cursing pain to their parents.

Most times, we ship all kinds of things in the name of westernization, and you will see children insulting their parents.

This is one of the mystery of hard life of young people, because they have no honor for their parents.

Do you think that you can get up and insult anybody, and you will keep being the same, you will carry curses in successions.

Honor is not just about giving money or giving seed, honor deals with giving respect to whom it is due, let it come from the debt of your heart.

There are many pastors today that can lie down and hug the leg of a Spiritual father in name of honor, and they will end up not receiving anything, because he maybe kneeling down, but inside his heart, he is standing up.

Honor is not all about all this pretence or insincere deeds, it is a genuine heart felt honor.

Great people hardly reproduce themselves, because everything God gives a great man is supposed to be for everyone that is interested, but only few is interested.

Children honor your parents, all this westernization will punish your future in a way you will never imagine.

The first key for receiving from fathers is genuine honor, when you see extraordinary result happening for people, look beyond the physical frame, because there are people is a combination of strange mantles upon their heads .

Most times, you don’t have to stand before people as collegues to receive mantles, because mantles don’t respond to colleagues mentality.

Your possibility are define by the mantles that are upon you.

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