Dr Paul Enenche

Dr Paul Enenche — The Realm I Believe God Is Calling Us To

The reason why Churches have not taken over as we should, is because we need a level of spirituality that the people of the old had.

When was the last time you prayed a prayer that was kingdom centered?, God is looking for men with primitive apostolic fire and spirituality.

How do you feel seeing people not serving God as they should?, The generation we have today are people who are not ready to work for the kingdom, so far as long they have everything they desired, they are fine.

Fasting and praying burden has almost died in our generation. When you are feeling a load resting on your shoulder, all you need to do is to do some spiritual works.

I believe that God is calling us into a realm of burden, a realm of passion, a realm of authentic spirituality that can change our lives for good.

There are several ways you can attain spirituality, the include;

*Having strong passion for God.
*Desperate to see the best of God.
*Submission of your personal will and agenda to the will of God.
*Addiction to the presence of God in prayer and worship.

When you are Spiritually intensed, you will command authority, you will walk in sensitivity, you will maintain victory over adversaries, you will command territories, you will get access to the realm of possibility and prosperity.

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