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Bishop David Oyedepo || Key Characteristics Of Divine Blessing

Bishop David Oyedepo: Some key characteristics of divine blessings.

  1. It Is Irreversible.
  2. It Is Sorrow Free.

Not all blessed people are sorrow free, some are sorrow filled, sorrow loaded, sorrow pregnant. Only the blessings of the Lord guarantee a sorrow free life. Someone visited me years ago and the way he was breathing, just that no one can make me fear but the breathing was bad. What was it? It is not that he was sick. It was the trouble of blessings. Blessings were troubling him but the blessings of the Lord make rich and add no sorrow.

3. His Blessings Are Compassionate And Liberal.

It is not hard-fisted. Abraham gave Lot all that he wanted. He said “Lot choose one side and I will go to the other side. I am your uncle but choose first and I will take the other side.” When Lot was in trouble, to show that Abraham didn’t just give him and say “You will soon see” he went to war and recovered him. Every true blessing from God is full of compassion not self-conceited. Psalm 112:5, 9. It is part of the characteristics of God’s blessings, you are not an accumulator. There is a flow so that the blessings can keep flowing.

4. His Blessings Are Fear-Free.

It is not death that kills, it is the fear of death that kills. Hebrews 2:14-16. One of the characteristics of God’s blessings is that it makes you fearless. Job 3:25. His blessings will make you fearless. The blessings of man can make you fearful, the man may not be there again tomorrow but God is always there. The man may be in trouble tomorrow but God is never in trouble. His blessings make you fearless. I have told you the testimony before that we were in a plane and we lost one engine and I said “Can you make a U-turn back to Lagos?” and I told the folks back there “Would you like to have some snacks?” They said yes and we were snacking on the devil’s head. His blessings make you fearless. We didn’t buy an aircraft through crooked means, He gave it. I am so fear-free about tomorrow, we didn’t get here by crooked means. His blessings brought us here. Somebody’s story is changing. You can’t walk in His blessings and still walk in fear.

We are trying to do this so you can know the virtue and the value of the blessings of the Lord and go all your way to come under it. Somebody’s story has just changed because you are coming finally under the blessings of the Lord.

5. God’s Blessings Confer Honour.

It eradicates shame and reproach. Psalm 112:9. When God blesses a man, honour is one of the proofs of that blessing. Honour! There are people who occupy very great positions but there is no honour around them, even in their household. Is that life? Zero honour. Shame and reproach all around. When God blesses you, honour all around. You won’t lose honour in your life. You will not know shame and reproach anymore in the name of Jesus.

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