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Bishop David Oyedepo || What Must I Do To Come Under The Blessings Of The Lord?

Bishop David Oyedepo: What must I do to come under the blessings of the Lord?

  1. A Proven New Birth Experience.

Proven! Because what we call new birth today is something else! A proven new birth experience is the beginning of our journey into the blessings of the Lord. Acts 3:26.. As you accept Christ, you come under the blessings of redemption. Galatians 3:13-14. Redemption brings us under the blessings of the Lord.

2. Engage In Obedience Of Faith To His Word.

Deuteronomy 28:1. Blessings always trail mass obedience. Blessings demand obedience for release. Psalm 112:1-3. Be born again and work delightsomely and tirelessly in obedience to His Word and you are up there flowing in that blessing.

3. Engage The Altar Of Prayer To Clear Off Barriers On The Path Of The Blessings Of The Lord In Your Life.

Genesis 32:24-28. He pressed his way out of struggles into blessings on the altar of prayer. What do we get there today? The altar of prayer is a platform for locating what you must do. Psalm 119:18. So it is not ‘bless me, bless me’ as you have it in the Old Testament, it is ‘Show me, Show me’ so I can be off this struggle level. I went for three days: “Jesus, show me the secret of Kingdom Prosperity”. Three days of prayer and fasting with books and the Bible in my hand. That is the prayer to pray. Not ‘Bless me, Bless me’ No! What is missing in my life? What lack I yet? It is a prayer of “Show me light.” Psalm 118:27. Psalm 36:9. It is a show me kind of prayer we are praying. It is the breaking forth of light we are talking about not crying like a crybaby. “Anybody who has stolen my crown, return it.” Where did you keep it that they stole it? “Lord, I must prosper!” No! Show me how to prosper. Are you the one commanding Him? Or He is the one to command you? Show me the secret of Kingdom Prosperity and He did. “My Prosperity Plan does not answer to prayer and fasting…” I heard God direct. “…It is not a promise, it is a covenant. Until your part is played, I am not committed.” The prayer is to know what to do. That is the prayer to pray. The prayer to know what to do.

I think the prayer aspect is clear now. Not Papa said we should pray and fast, then you start banging the table. No! I said Lord I am getting ready to go into full-time ministry. There are things I do not know, I am hanging on you for these five days to show me what I need to know to make the journey great.. Not God I clear all the enemies. The enemy is not there. Your ignorance is the enemy. I came back from that mountain that I called Mountain of Transfiguration and one by one, I received seven strong pillars.

The prayer for blessings is the prayer for light. Arise shine as your light comes not as your prayer comes. Isaiah 60:1,3,8, 22. Psalm 119:18. Something has happened. Whatever has been tied down in your life is now untied because light is breaking forth to open a new chapter in your life.

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