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Dr Paul Enenche || Power To Manifest Destiny.

Dr Paul Enenche: What does the power of God do to cause us to fulfill Destiny.

  1. The Power Of God Is Critical For The Uncovering And Discovering Of Purpose.

Necessary critical for the uncovering and discovering of divine purpose. I’m sure you remember the definition of destiny? we said that “it is the fulfillment of God’s purpose for one’s life”. “when you are able to fulfill God’s purpose purpose for your life, it’s called destiny”.
Now, the power of God is necessary for the uncovering and discovery of purpose because it looks to me like the devil is very happy to keep a man’s purpose hidden to him. It look like the devil is very excited(ancestral powers, generational powers).
So, to uncover the purpose and discover the purpose requires power. Take note of these two;
●The discovery of purpose is the foundation for the fulfillment of destiny. The discovery of purpose “who am I” is the foundation for “who I will be”.
The discovery of purpose is the foundation for the fulfillment of destiny.
● The devil does not care what God wants you to become, for as long as you are not aware. It doesn’t matter to the devil, if you like have the destiny of the same order of apostleship like Paul the Apostle or the same realm of wealth like Solomon or like Abraham. The devil don’t care for as long as you are not aware. That’s why the Bible calls him the prince of darkness.

Two examples of people that uncovered purpose or discovered purpose by power;

 By the fire and the power encountered at the burning bush, Moses discovered or in fact rediscovered his life’s purpose and I’m using that word deliberately. Moses discovered or literally rediscovered his life’s purpose. There are many of us today, we discovered something before but it looks like we forgot or it looks like  Moses who are confronted into frustration. We experience confrontation until we abandoned purpose in frustration because Moses had gone to deliver Israel before and when they confronted and challenged him, he abandoned it for 40 years.
So, this was the second time God was talking to him in a certain dimensions.

● Paul.
 Paul the Apostle discovered purpose by a power encounter on the road to Damascus.

2. The Power Of God Is Critical.

This is very important for the impactation of the audacity and boldness to confront the future without fear.
It is very clear and two things must be clear; First Destiny requires audacity and greatness is a product of boldness.

 Proverbs 30:30

If you are not bold, you can’t be great. If you don’t have audacity, you may forfeit your destiny because everything in this world may chicken you out of your destiny.
It is not your size that determines your success, it is your heart, it is your sense. The lion is not the King by size, he’s the King by heart.
So, destiny requires audacity and greatness is a product of boldness.
Secondly; the allowance of fear is the disallowance of the future.
Where fear is allowed, the future has been disallowed because fear is the enemy of the future. There is something God has in the front for you and fear may make you not to step there. The fear of the unknown, the fear of failing, the fear of dying before time, the fear of repeating the history of your family, the fear of what people are saying about you coming to pass. Growing up I heard many negative words from different quarters “people like this don’t become anything, people like that”.. none of it came to pass. I’m saying here today.

3. The Power Of God For The Conquest Of The Enemies Within.

Enemies within. The enemy that is not another person, the enemy that is yourself. For the conquest of the enemies within. I read to you some passage about a few weeks ago in 2 Timothy chapter 2 verse 25 where the Bible said in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves.
Please note this down, that the worst kind of enemy is the enemy within and the worst form of deception is self deception. No wonder the Bible said a Man’s enemy shall be members of his household. The worst kind of enemy anybody will have  is the enemy within. It is one thing to deceive people but it is disaster to deceive yourself.

4. The Power Of God Is Critical For The Realizing And Releasing Of Potentials.

Why is this important? Two things; First, your potential is your vehicle to your place of destiny.
Joseph. It was his potential of in dreaming and interpreting dreams that took him to his destiny at the palace.
King David. It was his potentials of playing the instrument that took him to the place of his destiny in the palace of the King.
So, you travel in your potential to reach your destiny.
Proverbs 18:16 the gift of a man maketh room for him and bringeth him. If you like just say “and transported him”… it transports him before great men. Your gift is your transportation, your potential is your transportation to your destination.

Secondly; your potentials is key to your possibilities and authority. To a gifted man almost anything is possible.
 Proverbs 22:29.. seest thou a man that is diligent in his business, he shall stand before Kings. He shall not stand before ordinary men.

See, a man that has found his gift and that is deploying his gift where you find him is not before ordinary people, you find him before great men.

5. The Power Of God Is Critical For The Impactation Of A Fighting Spirit.

Somebody is asking me what does this mean? I will tell you two things about this and that is

first; there can be no flight without a fight. It takes a fight to have a flight. Arise shine for your light is come Isaiah 6:1 and verse 8 said “who are these that fly”, so before you can fly in verse 8 you must rise in verse one.
Secondly; Level of violence determines level of inheritance. “The violent take it by force”.
The violent will always take it by force Matthew 11:12. Level of violence determines level of inheritance. There are things that are yours in life that you may never touch until you are aggressive enough to go for it.

6. The Power Of God Is Critical For Dealing With Enemies.

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