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Apostle Joshua Selman || Ways To Activate The Seeing Eyes

Apostle Joshua Selman; How to activate the seeing eye.

  1. Praying In The Spirit.

There is nobody who invests quality consistent time praying in the spirit who will not receive this gift of the Seeing Eye, whether you misuse it or not is another thing but as far as seeing is concerned, it is a Grace that goes with praying. Show me a man that has committed himself to the ministry of prayer, I show you a seer indeed. 
And when you begin to pray, the spirit of God starts to search the mind of the father and downloads for you the things that eyes have not seen, the things that ears have not heard, the things that have not come into the heart of any man. Invest time praying and see what happens to your dreams and visions, invest time praying and see what happens to your creativity and intelligence and your imagination, invest time praying and see what happens to you. As far as the capacity to draw Insight from the word, invest time praying and I will show you the prophetic activations that happen in your life. Hallelujah..
Can I tell you? A worship Minister who only sings and does not Pray when they sing, you will know the difference. You will know that this person is just singing.
 I don’t care how nice the voice is, you will know this person is just at leaping and just singing. There is a stability that your prayer life gives every other thing you do.  A businessman who prays, the difference will be clear, a career person who prays the difference will be clear  a man of God who studies scripture and praise  the difference will be clear, a worshiper who prays when he sings the difference will be clear.
There are many people who raise songs and you almost feel irritated. You’re like “please just finish and go” because there is no presence. There is a sound that your prayer life gives everything that you do. You cannot fake a genuine prayer life, it’s not by the huskiness of your voice. There is a presence, there is a stamina, there is a confidence  a stability that comes from within your spirit. For someone, God is fanning your prayer altar. You need it, it is connected to your eyes, your prayer altar is connected to your eyes.
You want to do end time ministry 5minutes prayer, 10 minutes prayer… save Journey. You will reverse by yourself in shame. You want to see, you must learn to pray. Generate energy as you pray in the spirit. Male and female, educated or otherwise, when it has to do with the gift of sight, it is connected to a rich consistent discipline of the prayer ministry.
There are many people, is in the place of prayer that certain melodies will come in the spirit, you will start hearing sounds, you will write them.
It’s in the place of prayer that certain sermons that were not even rehearsed, scriptures will come to you. It is in the place of prayer that the 10year plan of your destiny will be downloaded. Sometimes you will pray till you fall asleep. That sleep was not slumber, it was Adam’s kind of sleep because something needs to come out of you.

Ladies and gentlemen laziness in the area of prayer is a cancer that will destroy many Christians.  You must obtain Grace by the spirit to be a man and a woman of consistent prayer. I’m talking of moments where you invest quality time, you are not asking, not tea, not bread, you are just travailing. it’s a cruise in the spirit!
 And the flesh may be weak but you are still gaining ascendance. You will hit an escape velocity in the spirit and the heavens are open and you will start receiving things, something happens to your mind, something happens to your understanding of scripture.
The generation that knows how to pray with understanding will be a seeing generation indeed, tremendous Insight in Ministry, tremendous creativity by the spirit.

2. Meditation.

Reach moments where you meditate upon the word of God and then meditate upon scripture based resources like sermons, like materials that are worth compliant, it will prime your creativity. You can be reading a leadership book and see one line “Leadership is about transforming followers to leaders and lead us to agents of change” you will stop there. The psalmist will often say pause and think about it. Most people do not understand meditation. Meditation is not witchcraft. I’m not talking about this devilish thing that people do.
 To meditate means to think and to ponder using the power of imagination what is “God saying”, there are times that I sit quietly with worship playing and I’m saying Holy Spirit breathe upon my mind “what are you saying now” and sometimes it will take a while before His voice comes, in that silence here it comes “this is what koinonia must do for the next season, this is the series I want you to step into, these are the anointings I’m releasing in this season.

When we look like we are mighty, it is simply because of the advantage of the power of sight, the grace to see ahead of time.

Meditation. You open your scripture, you read and you begin to meditate. Let worship play “Lord what is the next thing about my life” and sometimes you need to be still then you will know that He is God. There is a kind of knowledge that follows stillness “be still” and then you will know. Don’t ever assume with God, it will cost you. Always stay and say Lord “what are you saying? Speak for your servant heareth” and sometimes He will open your eyes and give you insight into what He’s doing, that there will be people who will come for that miracle service who have been tied down by spirits and you will see it and He will say when you get there, don’t just do what you want to do, become a voice of deliverance. Hallelujah.

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