Dr Paul Enenche


A young man connected to this church, was standing somewhere to buy something. And he heard the voice of the Lord, “move away from here”, and he moved. In a split seconds, a big trailer that failed it break, ran into where he just step of from. Lives were lost, but no hair from his head dropped.

There was a man who was meant to fly to Mexico. And he began to pray in the spirit, “Lord should I go”, He said he drove in America, for about 19hrs. The more he pray, the more he lost his peace about the journey.

And he called the people, “please I can not come for this journey”. The people said, “no..the ticket has been bought, everything has been done. He said, “no..I can’t come”.

You know what happened? That aircraft that he was to follow, went as scheduled but he was not on board. The aircraft crashed with 123 people on board, none survived.

At the place of prayer, he counteracted it.

I prophesy to someone, in the name of Jesus, every danger package for you and packaged for your loved ones. I declared, it is cancelled.

Everytime you have the urge to pray, please pray.
Everytime you have the burden to pray, please pray.
You don’t know whether there is danger around you or around your brothers or around your sisters or around your family members that needs to be cancelled..

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