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Five(5) Benefits Of Marital Harmony– Dr Paul Enenche

1. For The full Release Of Potential.
It does not matter the kind of anointing you carry, you can not see the fullness of it if you have a bad wife. It doesn’t matter the wisdom, you can not see full result if you are married to a bad husband. The day you choose to marry a bad wife, is the day you decided to limit your potentials.

2. For The Proper Development Of Children. (Malachi 2:14-15). 
The quality of the home determines the quality of the children. The atmosphere of the home will affect the attitude, aptitude(the gift inside them), altitude(how far they rise). A child from a scattered home can not archive as much as a child from a harmonious home except that child is ruggedly determined. When the home is good, the children look forward to a home like what they grew inside. Where the home is scattered, there is no model.

Anytime you are shouting at your wife, you are injuring the destiny of your children. Anytime you are rebelling against your husband, you are damaging the future of your children. Anytime you act like a stone that does not have affection(you don’t love your wife, you don’t love your children), you are just destroying the future of another generation.

That is how many people succeeded in damaging the future of children(they are afraid to marry, they are afraid for a man to get near to them…for many of them, they think divorce is a normal thing, so they enter relationship with the possibility of divorce in their mind). Even if you don’t want the marriage to work for your sake, please let it work for the sake of the next generation. There is nothing you can do for children as much as when you love their mother and they are aware…..

3. Is To Guarantee Access To God In Prayer. There is a way you and your wife will live as cat and dog and God won’t hear you. Bishop Wole Oke told a story how a woman came to him trusting God for the fruit of the womb for 13years and no show, all of a sudden as he was praying for the woman, he got a word of knowledge and he told the woman “Go and submit to your husband”, she submitted and her barrenness was broken. There is a way you will behave in the marital context, that prayers can’t be answered. If the marriage is not working, answered prayer is a challenge.

4. For The Frustration Of Evil Activity (James 3:17). Anywhere you see people always quarrelling, these is a terrible story I will tell you: A man who was a pastor brought a child to me and the child was about 13years. He said, “pastor…these is the third one we are about to bury”. I prayed my heart out, I could feel breathe in the child, yet the child was not alive. I did everything! The pastor told me, “sir, is not the first time, is that woman, she is the most stubborn thing I have ever seen under heaven” he said the last thing, I came back home and saw the security man in immorality with his wife. Rebellion combined with iniquity combined with everything and then, the atmosphere is so terrible and the devil came in to attack with no resistance.

5. For The Mutual Sharing Of Life Resources. (Ecclesiastes 4:11).
There is something you have, you share with your wife and there is something your wife has that she shares with you.

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