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Wisdom For Relationship/Marriage –Dr Paul Enenche

1. Grow together. 
Pray together, study together, fast together, grow together, it is a form of bonding. Many times when I’m on a journey, waiting on the Lord for more than 7days, no food and she said I go with you, we saw scriptures together, we share revelation together, we’ll hold hands together, we’ll do thing together, it is a time of bonding. But when you have a man that is so spiritual and a wife that is so natural, then calamity is around the corner. Spirituality in the man and carnality in the woman, equals calamity in the home.

2. Understand your partner. 
Jacob slept with somebody from night till morning and did not know who she was. It was in the morning he realised that it was not Rachael but Leah. Many men are married to women they don’t know and many women are married to men they don’t know. You saw money and married money, you don’t know the man. You saw face and you married beauty, you don’t know who is behind the face.

I saw a Music minister who married someone who is also a Music minister after two weeks of marriage and he cried pastor I didn’t know she was like this, I thought she was more spiritual than this.. Oh Lord!

Know who you are marrying to. My wife knows when to come in and when to stop at the door. You know the likes and the dislikes.. You know where to trigger the flames to affect the person positively… Understand who you are marrying to!

3. Lubricate your relationship with communication. 
There are many times I’m not in the mood to talk or maybe praying. Despite my busy schedule, I still call her often and here is one of the message I sent to her:

…….just thinking of you and how much of a gift you are to my life and ministry. Also, the authenticity of your Christianity. I saw the passion about 26years ago and asked you to pray in the spirit for one hour. That favor is still there, well done, keep it up. I love you and I’m there for you Becky. ……

How do you think she would feel? You think that text will be deleted from her phone? Every marriage is service by communication. If you like be Anointed, your wife will pack out from your house if no communication, despite the anointing. Whenever she gets tired of your ruggedity and your stonish operation, not greeting anybody because you are in prayer , one day, two days, three days, five days, ten days… When you say to your wife that ‘I love you’ is not weakness but strength, it doesn’t reduce you but elevate you.

4. Forgive.
Don’t keep saying last year you did it, 3years ago you did it, 15years ago, you did it. The wife of Billy Graham said, husband and wife are two people that have agreed to forgive each other for life. You married to forgive!

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