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Eight(8) Quotes On Leadership By Archbishop Benson Idahosa

1. If the word you teach and preach can’t change you, your hearers are wasting time. Because if it can’t do you good, there is no need to do someone else good. If what you are teaching is not part of your life, those who are hearing you are wasting time.

2. If you pursue the addition, you will miss the commission. If you pursue the addition(all these things shall be added to you by the commission). It is not the addition that makes the commission, it is the commission that brings the addition. It is when you go after what God says, that the reward will follow obedience…. Don’t start with addition!

3. One thing I have asked God, what you don’t show me, don’t let me show it to people.

4. The Gospel is a Job of display of the power of God. You can tell any story you want to tell, if there is no proof, your message is NONSENSE. No man can change by theology. No life can change by good story telling. But when the life of Christ affect you, then you can affect your people.

5. God is tired of commercial messages. God is tired of big children who refused to become adults. God is tired of those who use the name of thy Lord in vain. God is tired of sucking adults. God is tired of big babes. God is looking for sons and daughters of God.

6. If you stay too long in darkness, you will begin to think there is light. If you stay too long in darkness, you will think you don’t need light anymore.

7. You are busy training people to catch people, when you should have been busy saving soul.

8. When you are no more talking like a begger, when every sermon you preach is no more what the devil has done but what God is about to do. When you begin to look for who to bless and not who to bless you. When you become a leader and no more the led. When you stop telling the church how the devil beat you and your wife and children. When your sermon are no more full of tears but cheers…. then SHALL THY LIGHT RISE!

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