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Why You Need Guidance || Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman: There is a young man who came to church to share testimony:

Praise the Lord!!! 
He said, “the pastor is a man of God”
This our daddy is powerful(He said all kind of drama)
Our daddy spoke a word and prayed and I believe. He said, “I got a contract and in less than two days, I made 2million” (the church was shouting and clapping).

Next sunday, he gave another testimony:

Praise the Lord!!! 
I made 11million (people were clapping) 
Third Sunday, he did the same thing. 
I said to myself “are you the only one in church”, he can’t be giving testimony just like that.

At the end of the service, he saw a sister and he called her. He said, “sister, when I was giving that testimony, I saw you. The Holy Spirit told me, you are my partner”. The girl knelt down saying “confirmation, when you were mentioning all those money, I was getting something in my spirit”.

The girl later ask him that they should go and see the pastor but the man turned down her request. He said they should first go and see his people, after that they will come back to see the pastor. He carried her, put her in a car going to Lagos, when the got to a place called “sagamu” close to Lagos, he diverted. The girl said, I thought you said Lagos? The man brought out a white handkerchief and waved it over her face and she slept off.

When the girl opened her eyes, she discovered she was in a hall for ritual(she was shaking). When the time came for her to be killed, she started crying and making statements in her language(she is from Esan). The man who was about to kill her with the knife, as he lifted up the knife, the girl said something in Esan and the man stopped and said, “are you from Esan?” 
The girl said “yes”. 
The man dropped the knife and said I won’t kill you. The man asked “where in Esan?” 
The girl mention a place in Irrua and the man found out they were from the same quarter. The man dropped the knife saying ”no, you are my sister”.

He said, you see that church you went to, we already saw you in the mirror. We traced you to the church and we had to send this man. All those testimony was because of you, so he can get you. They brought you here for ritual, am going to help you. Stand up, the girl stood up and began looking for clothe. The man asked her, “are you looking for clothe?” Run! Don’t look back, just run and keep running….

Why? No guidance

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