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Two(2) Errors Of Life || Apostle Johnson Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman:
1. Asking God for things you are not prepared for. 
There are many of you who have been praying for husband, hands have been laid on you and yet the husband is not coming. 
 Do you know why? God knows you are not prepared for a husband now. He knows if He gives you a husband now, you will fight everyday. 
If you want a husband, first work on your character, work on your attitude, work on your mindset and mentality. Anytime you pray for something for long, and answers delay, don’t blame the devil, it means you are not qualify(prepared). 
That’s why pastors keep praying for people, they pray and keep praying and nothing happen. Whatever you are prepared for, you don’t struggle for.

2. Thinking you don’t need His(God) presence. –The presence of God gives you security.
–The presence of God sponsors character. when you carry God, there is this consciousness to behave yourself. It is easy to mix with the world, when that consciousness of God is not there. What keeps you in check is GOD(i carry God). Character is the foundation of destiny. 
– The presence of God delivers you from domestic wickedness. If your eyes get open to see who is fighting you, you will be so shock. If your eyes get open to see who does not want your rising, you will be so shock.

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