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Dr. Myles Munroe || Follow These Three Things If You Must Be Successful

1. Multiply..
Multiply means to reproduce what you produce. If you go to McDonald’s in any part of the world, it’s the same burger. McDonald’s has discovered God’s program more effectively than the church. A good idea doesn’t make you healthy or successful. Every successful business on earth has stolen God’s process and only the church have missed it, that’s why we are broke. What you can not reproduce will die.

2. Replenish.. 
The word replenish means to distribute. No matter how good your product is, and no matter how many times you reproduce it, nothing can destroy a company faster than dead inventory. You can have the best product in the warehouse and still die of starvation. 
Church was not built by God, just to become a good product. He want to reproduce this(church) thousand times in the city and to other Nations of the world. 
Any company, anywhere in the world, who are successful, have followed God’s program.

3. Subdue.. 
Subdue means to control the market. McDonald’s have no interest in competition, they are after domination. If you are in business and you don’t have a plan to dominate the market, get out of the business. 
What are you doing with your GIFTS? Your life is a package seed bag..

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