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Dr. Myles Munroe || Three(3) Principles Of Relationships/Marriages

1. You Should Never Say A Negative Word To A Woman. 
You can think negative word about your wife, but you should never say them. A woman can say any kind of negative word to a man, it doesn’t affect him.

2. Women Don’t Hear Words, They Experience Words.
He’s your husband, he’s not treating you right at home…. 
He’s telling you negative things(you are crazy, stupid, fat, ugly)…..

She goes to work, and a guy said, “you are beautiful, fine, wonderful”. 
She’s having a bad experience at home, so going to work is a pleasure for her because she can’t wait to see that guy everyday who gives her another experience. It’s important to be careful with what you say to another Man’s wife!

3. If you are married, you shouldn’t let anybody tell your wife more good things than you tell her every morning before she leaves the house because if she gets more experiences with other men than she gets from you, you are in danger.

The tragedy is that we are ignorant of these principles and so we don’t know why we cause problems. Sometimes, a man will end up having sex with a woman he doesn’t love. He loves his wife, but he’s been talking to this woman saying the wrong things at the wrong level. Imagine a husband married to a woman, telling another woman, ” you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen(she experience that she is better and important than your wife) and that is dangerous because only his wife is supposed to hear that. You must never tell a woman anything that makes her more important than your wife.

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