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Four(4) Quotes On Financial Success- Pastor Sam Adeyemi

1. We emphasize the need to work. Work is not just any kind of activity but an activity that solves a problem, an activity that adds value somewhere because money is only a means of exchange of value.

2. When you obey the law of money as a means of exchange of value, then you will see it clearly here that value went from Jesus to them and then value flowed from them back to Jesus.

Sam Adeyemi

3. The principal way to achieve that is by solving problems for someone. In this Eph 4:28, you see the two levels of value addition; the first is the work. Stealing is a bad strategy for prosperity. Taking what does not belong to you is a bad strategy. Don’t develop a mind-set that likes to get something for nothing. That is why begging is also a bad strategy for prosperity. When you take something from someone without adding value to them, it doesn’t diminish them, it diminishes you

4. You should work with your hands. There is dignity in labour. Whatever the amount, if you worked for it, there is value. There is grace on it and God can bless it.

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  • Wow! so uplifting, new knowledge and wisdom plus understanding all embedded in these scripts!!
    Am all the way up


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