Prophet Uebert Angel

H.E Ambassador Uebert Angel Speaks On The Manifestation Of His Son Uebert Angel Jnr Who Is Also Known As Seer1

One time, my son came to me and said, “can you teach me how to pray?” And I said to him, “I won’t teach you, just watch me pray”. We were together walking praying 4hrs, 5hrs, until the little boy started looking at me like “what’s happening”.

He slept. When he was sleeping, the Angel of the Lord arrived. When the Angel of the Lord arrived, I entered and put a pillow on his face and said “son, wake up. The Angel that speaks to Daddy all the time is here. When I remove this pillow, you shall see”. I removed the pillow and then he saw….

Now, you see him on TV seeing what he’s doing. He’s doing it on the bedrock of experience. Prayers gives birth to encounters and encounters will give birth to manifestation…

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