How I Began My Music Career And What Has Helped Me So Far And How I Prepare Myself– Sinach

I have always loved music. I grew up knowing that I love music and of course I got born again and it changed a little bit for me. So, the purpose of music became different for me and then I started singing in churches and in the choir. And then, I met my man of God ‘Pastor Chris’. He was the one that redirect me on the importance of Gospel music in the church first and then as the Gospel minister. It was under him that I grew, he gave me the platform to minister to the whole world because he has a global ministry. We went to different places in the ministry ministering in different continent and I would lead the worship.

He gave me the opportunity to write songs and I was able to showcase my talent. I grew to become a record artist and the rest is history.

Sometimes, I am like I don’t know who I am ministering, especially when it is a new place but then again, I remember always that, it is not always about me because a lot of people have good voices but it is about the communication of the Spirit of God that makes it different.

So, in preparing, I take my time to connect to connect with the Holy Ghost in a special way as He leads me and also to be able to soak myself in the Holy Ghost, I sanctify myself by the Holy Ghost by speaking in tongues and the word of God.

I stay in a place, where I can hear from Him, what He wants me to do for a meeting. At times He tells me what exactly to do for a meeting and at times, He is just quiet. Until I get there, I will know.

I aim to connect. There is a ministration of the Holy Ghost, that when you minister, everybody under your ministration will go away with something not because of your voice. People can remember a song because of how well you delivered it but they can never forget an importation of the Holy Ghost. They can never forget where God spoke to them as you were singing. They can never forget that moment where the Holy Spirit touched them in a different way when you where singing and that is very important for me.

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