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The Preacher Who Said To Me, “I want what you have”– Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams

I was talking to a young man, third generation preacher in the US and we were talking and he was crying and said, “I want what you have” and I said son, this one you obtain by going through the process.

He went further to say, “Any time I see you, I begin to wipe because I can feel the anointing”.
And I said, “what you feel is not anointing, it is His presence”, you must be able to stand, decern between presence and oil because many can carry the oil, not too many carry presence .

There is a price to pay for presence. You need to strive on daily basis to maintain purity, consecration and sanctification..
You need to strive on daily basis to stay as one under a vow that can make your life boring and can make you look odd and weird to those who lived by their reasoning and live by their natural senses.

You need to learn to disengage from your emotions and from your flesh and to stay connected to the Holy Ghost on daily basis in order to maintain a upper hand over the scheming, the devices, and the working of the adversaries.

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