Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

How My Visit To The Prison Impacted My Life || Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

Some years ago, the state government where I live invited me to the prison to come and preach. I returned from that experience a better woman, a better believer.

Two major things happened to me;

  1. The way the inmates were praising the Lord, changed my life. I became a dangerous worshipper, a thanksgiver that you can not stop. I saw a man there that would be about my father’s age, he was even blind and I was saying to myself, why would they not release this man, discharge him no matter what has happened. As I was being taken round the prison, I saw a particular room and I was told that the prisoners here, some of them have never stepped out of that room since 1988. It was that day I understood that freedom is a blessing. If you understand that, you will stop complaining that you don’t have a red heart. My thanksgiving life changed, just by that visit.

But the second thing that happened to me, I noticed that all the inmates had their uniform and they had two numbers. A smaller one at the front, and a bolder one at the back. And I asked questions, the one in the front, I was told it was the serial number but the one at the back is date of discharge. Everywhere each one goes, he carries the number.

And suddenly, the Holy Ghost spoke to me and said, the way this inmates carry their number, is the way everybody carries his or her destiny around. When you were born, you were born naked but not empty. It’s a pity that some people rather than fulfil their destiny, they have become supervisor general(this one doesn’t wear hat, this one wears makeup).

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