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If You See My Wedding Picture, You Will Cry For My Mother || Rev. Funke Felix Adejumo

It’s a pity that some people rather than fulfil their destiny, they have become supervisor general(this one doesn’t wear hat, this one wears makeup). What is your business? As if heaven is your backyard.

For 10years, I did not wear make up..
For 10years, I did not wear jewelleries..
For 10years, I cover my hair..
If you see my wedding picture, you will cry for my mother. I got my wedding dress from England but my pastor’s wife had to inspect it. And hear what she said when she inspected it, “sister funke you can not wear this dress while souls are perishing”. As if souls had not been perishing before I was born. Are souls still not perishing?

So, she now made me wore coco sack dress, turtle neck like this, pneumonia scaffolds there. Can you imagine on my wedding day, no jewellery, no makeup, no powder…nothing!

I look at the pictures sometimes ago, i said, “Olu Funke, the person that did you like this, the person no try at all”. And some of us, that’s our background.

Now, hear me, this is one of the reasons why the cross has four entrances.
Come with your cap or without scarf..
Come without you cap..
Come with your gean..
Come with make ups..
Just make sure it is the CROSS you have come to.. And you have no right to judge me.

Romans 14:14.. you have no right to judge anybody.  To his master, he stand or he fall.

Carry you hat, carry it very well, disturb anybody’s view, it’s your hat. You did not borrow it from anybody.
Carry your Barrett, slant it very well , it’s your beret. But excuse me, but do not condemn people that don’t carry hats.

Let us not go into the genesis of this hat. You need to google it, because the people that even founded this hat matter, after 12noon, is not supposed to be worn.

What am I driving at? It’s beautiful when you wear it., it’s your conviction. And the person that does not wear it, does not need to condemn the people that is wearing it.

We need to set the record straight among women. Men don’t have issues like this.
Chichichichichichi did you notice..
Chichichichichichi…let’s stop all this.

Nobody should condemn Martha for Mary. Nobody should condemn Mary for Martha, we are all different. And you have no idea on how God is dealing with me. There are people I can reach, and you can never reach with your hat. And there are people you will reach and I can never reach with my make up. That’s why we are different.

So, please women, let’s settle this. Love your sister, accept your sister, stop criticizing your sister. If you believe in this, and she does not believe, it doesn’t change. Just make sure it is the cross. IT’S IMPORTANT.

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