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What To Do When Your Business Keeps Failing. || TD Jakes

TD Jakes: Being multidimensional is a good thing. So, when you start thinking of stream of income, think of multiple streams of income.
I wanted to preach.
I was called to preach.
You know me from preaching..
You know me from ministering the Gospel..
And I love what I do.

But I have dreams for my children, that were bigger than what I do. I did not want my children to fake being me, in order to be successful. I wanted to create an entrepreneurial environment for them. So I started investing in real estate. And I started building communities and I’m getting ready to build more communities in America. And I’m looking for other places in the world where we can build these communities that are conducive to the future.

You do not build your business on where you are or where you have been. You build your business on where you are going.

So, then if you are building for the future, then, you have to reimagine your strategy. I’m going to give you a couple of big words, like strategy. This is how you are going to do it, you are going to do it through a strategy. I got here through a strategy.

What is strategy?
A synchronized step by step plan from point A to point B. Your strategy is important.

You have got to fix your strategy. If you are doing what you have been doing for 5years and it’s not working, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your idea. You might need to give up your strategy. Your strategy of accomplishment has to change with the times.

You may not have hit your customer yet, but that doesn’t mean your customer is not out there. You’av got to find somebody. Let me tell you who wants what you got. The person who want what you have is a person who sees what you have as an answer to their problem. People will go get answers, they are not looking for problems.

What do you solve with what you bring? And you don’t have to have a degree to do this. It could be as simple as my father’s mopping up bucket. My father ended up with 52 employees in the sixties because because he built a business that solve the problem.
Not all of us will be doctors..
Not all of us will be chemists..
Not all of us will be lawyers..
Not all of us will be astronuats. But the astronuat still need the plumber.
The doctors still needs an electrician.

Whatever your business is, it must be an answer to somebody’s problem. It must solve that problem and fix that problem. And when you do whatever you do and you find yourself maxing out at what you do. What you do is not who you are.

People say, TD Jakes is a preacher. First of all, he wasn’t always. Second of all, TD Jakes is a man. He’s a man called to preach.
When people give you titles, they imprison you. If am up into that, I wouldn’t have done almost $500 million worth of films at the box office. Because I would have said, “am a preacher, I can’t do that”.

Don’t let anybody lock you up with a title in a prison that is beneath your level of gifting.
You are whatever is in you.
You are whatever is inside of you.
You are whatever you think about it.
You are whatever you dream.
You are whatever is in your head.

I want to break somebody out of jail right now. You are more than what people call you.
You are more than the job title that you have.
You are more than the company you work for.
You are more than anything you have experienced up to this point.
You are everything that gives energy when you think about it.

Find out what are the thing that makes you leap out of the bed in the morning..
What are the things that give you energy when you think about them. Your purpose is in your passion. Don’t sit there and say I don’t know why I’m here.
You do know why you are here. Find the thing that give you energy when you do it. Find the thing that when you get into it, you are curious about it, you are attracted to it, you are drawn to it. Because whatever the anointing you respect, is the anointing you receive.

The anointing that you respect, is the anointing you receive. So the person you are idolize, you probably idolize them because they are doing what is in you.
Other people ignore them.

And you would them out and hear them or see them  or hear them sing or watch the bill or hear them or read whatever it is that they do. It’s because it’s in you.

When I was eight years old, I was sitting at the back of the car with my mother and my mother was a speaker and she went out to the public speaking and I was sitting at the back of the car. At eight years old, I said right now, am going to hear you speak. And they call me “Mrs Jake son”.

But the time will come, you will come to hear me speak. And they will call you “Tom Jakes mother”. Instinct are inside of you and they are never one dimensional.
You are more than your job.. so, if your jobs goes down, that mean it doesn’t mean you have to go down.
While you are working for a company, never stop branding yourself.

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