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Apostle Michael Orokpo: Build Your Life Around The Demands Of Your Calling.

Consecration is not just live Holy. When it has to do with influence and impact,  there are definite Defination you must understand. You build your life around the demand of your calling.
If you are called to leadership and governance, make sure that you predominate your daily activities,  activities that define you in that direction. Your calling demands you understand how that corridors work. Your consecration is not just praying and fasting, your consecration is to be built around what your calling is.
If you are called into the academia, make sure your consecration has to do with textbooks, laboratories, because if you don’t perfect that act, you will never be relevant there. Because in that corridor, they don’t just respect you because you have title. They respect you because of what you have upstairs(brain).

You can not say you are called to be a professor of medicine or a professor of engineering and you don’t have your life around those books, those practical, those experimentation and you hope you will succeed.
If you are called into business, your consecration demands that you build your life around everything that has to do with business philosophy, business principles and economic giants. You must be able to quote them, you must be able to understand their philosophy, you must be able to understand their stories and how they became who they are, if you ever dream to rise to their level. That’s the first thing about consecration.

When I look at you and your life is scattered and I can not find your calling in your life style, I know you are going nowhere.
When you meet a prophet, his lifestyle should tell you that He’s a prophet even before he introduces himself.
When you meet a business man, his lifestyle should tell you that He’s a businessman even before he introduces himself.
When you meet an intercessor, his lifestyle should tell you that He’s an intercessor before he introduce himself.

You can’t say you are an intercessor and you are all over the place going for every meeting, every birthday party, every crusade with everybody. You don’t know what it means to be an intercessor.
Many don’t understand the demands of destiny.

PRAYER is good, it’s generic
Study of the WORD is good, it’s generic
But in addition to all of that, your life must centred around your calling.

If you are a businessman and you are quoting Kathryn Kuhlman, you are not serious. Are you a preacher? Yes, their life can inspire you but you are going in a direction of business. How many messages have you heard from Cosmas Maduka? That’s one man doing well, who believes in God.
You are here quoting Kathryn Kuhlman and you know nothing about stock market. You are joking!
You say, you are a journalist, and everybody you are hearing, is somebody that preaches only Bible. You have not followed people who have excel in journalism to find out their speech, their intonation, their research life. You think you will go and preach in the hall of journalism, they will kick you out of there. You Need to understand,  the first demand of consecration if you want to be influencial is to build your life around your calling.
We have our unique calling, and our lifestyles must reflect the direction of our calling.

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