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Apostle Johnson Suleman || How To Be A Model Believer

Apostle Johnson Suleman: One of the things that makes you a model believer is when you maintain peace anywhere you find yourself, so anywhere you find yourself, you must focus on the essentials that unifies you with people, and the essentials that also divides you.

Unity is an element of greatness. Any organization that is making waves is guilded by peace.

There is no organization, marriage, projects that succeed outside peace and unity. If you find any organization or family that is not doing well, check well and you will see that they are not United

Unity in marriage, unity in family, and in organizations means that you are all working together to achieve a common goal.

The devil cannot penetrate or enter a United home or organization, so when the devil wants to destroy a home or organization, he will plant the seed of disunity in their midst.

When people are disunited, success will not be in view. Disunity has destroyed so many things, so many homes and so many organization.

We need to grow to a point as a believer, where the devil will never succeed in planting disunity..

A model believer is one who represents God anywhere he find himself, and in representing God, you are expected to follow the ways of God.

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