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Apostle Joshua Selman || How To Do The Impossible

The master key to do the Impossible by Apostle Joshua Selman.

Possibility mentality is the master key to doing the impossible, because inside you are virtues and potentials that establishes the fact of your greatness than any greatness you ever read of in the scripture.

Everything in your hand today, began in your mind yesterday, and whatever you cannot imagine, you cannot deliver.

It is your imagination that sets the pace for your destination, and it is your mental picture that defines your actual future.

Possibility mentality is a key to the world of unlimited possibilities, when your mentality is in place and it is in line with scriptures, you will enjoy Divine covering.

It is mentality that defines destiny, what you know determines how you think, and how you think determines how you live, and how you live, determines what you become.

The price for possibility mentality is exposure, knowledge and insight, because quality information renews your mind, and when it renews your mind, it will transform your life, so until your mind is renewed, it cannot be transformed.

If your mentality is not renewed, you cannot experience a change of position, because how you are thinking, determines where you are now, so if you are thinking better, you will get to a better place.

What you know will influence how you think, which eventually transform your lifestyle.

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