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Apostle Johnson Suleman || Don’t Go Into Marriage With Feelings

Apostle Johnson Suleman: Immaturity is why there are marital crisis. Most of the time, is not low spiritual voltage, it is immaturity.
The result of marriage is seen properly after 18years. How do I mean?
Is when your child becomes an adult, that your child will either thank you for marrying a good man or look at you in the face and say “When people were looking for good husbands, what did you do?”

So, the decision today is what your children will live with.
This girl I want to marry, can I raise children that will be proud of me, that I made a decision? Christian Daily Post  This lady I want to marry, can I raise children that will be proud of this kind of mother?”
Don’t be selfish enough to follow feelings, because there is a nation tied to you.

Some of you have seen homes where the young girl will be asking their mother “what did you see in this man, that you married him”. Have you not seen that?
What they are trying to tell her, is that you wasted your decision.

You married my mother, she will abuse you, she will insult you. Was she like that before? You say “yes, even while we were courting but I just feel she will change”.
“Daddy, you open your eyes, this kind of woman that will slap you, that will hit you, because you are a man of God and a believer, a Christian, you don’t want to beat her up and you made this decision?”…

The result of the decision of 18years ago, is now before you.
When you are making a decision, have a generational mindset.

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