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Apostle Michael Orokpo ||If You Take Influence For Granted, The Church Will Suffer.

Apostle Michael Orokpo: Don’t take these things for granted, so that when God begins to speak to you, you will not lack the ability to deliver. Build so much influence that when God tell you, He want something done in America, you say “Give the command, we know what to do”. Be so influential that God said “He needs something done in the Senate chamber”, you say “Give a command”. You can sit in one place and call five senators “what is this thing I’m hearing? What can be done about it? Change it”. That’s Kingdom. It’s not carnality, it’s an act of dominion.
You will become influential.

Does it not surprise you, there was no God’s agenda in Egypt until Joseph became influential. God had plan for Egypt, but that agenda became dormant until somebody ROSE that had a relationship with the king.
Gen 46:29

  1. Joseph

Even before Israel came into Egypt, he was the one that negotiated for Israel to be put in Goshen. Three things you learn from the life of Joseph;

  1. God did not have an agenda in Egypt after Moses, Until Joseph rose. So, it takes influence for divine agenda to enter a territory.
  2. Israel did not have a place in Egypt, until Joseph negotiated Goshen for them. That means, the church and the move of God will not have a place, until an influential man gives it a place.
  3. Exodus chapter 1:8, Israel began to suffer the moment a Pharaoh rose that did not know Joseph. So, the shape, the hope, the experience of the church, is at the mercy of the influential men in the church. Christian Daily Post Is not like they love Israel in Egypt but so long as they remember Joseph, they have no choice. The moment the memory of Joseph was wiped off, Israel status change, they move from becoming legal residence to slaves. That’s why influence is too important.
    Don’t despise those whom God has exalted, they are also Apostles but in different corridor. Honour them as you would honour a preacher. That’s why the Bible admonish that we pray for our leaders.

So, why God is raising you in influence, make sure you intercede for those who are in influence to be in their right senses and also to work in the favour of the church.

  1. Nehemiah The walls of Jerusalem was desolate, no prayer could raise it. I’m not undermining the place of prayer but am telling you different things have different ways of answering them. The walls were pull down, men were running from Jerusalem. Christian Daily Post Jerusalem became a defenceless territory with all the prayers, prophecies and promises, those walls could not stand. Until a man that work in the court of the king became troubled.

Do you know that just because the countenance of Nehemiah changed, it translated to the rebuilding of Jerusalem. The king look at him and said, why is your countenance down? He said, “how can I be happy when the walls of my father’s land is desolate”. Immediately, the king rose up and began to sign documents for things to be provided. Do you know what the king said later? In Ezra 1:2 “This is what Cyrus king of Persia says: “‘The LORD, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and he has appointed me to build a temple for him at Jerusalem in Judah”.

So what began with the weeping of Nehemiah, became the calling of the king. It was not the prayer of intercessors. It took the proximity of a man to a king to change the fortune of a whole church.
The walls were desolate, the intercessors were praying, the prophecies were hanging, the promises were there, but the wall couldn’t rise until an influential man stepped into the scene.

  1. Esther

How about the story of Esther, there was a verdict, that Israel should be wiped out. And after Modecai prayed(this is a prophet and intercessor), he discovered that this thing is beyond intercessors, let’s look for somebody that has the ear of the king and he went to Esther and said “you can not hold your peace at this time”.

You know why? Because one speech from you is superior to ten years of prayer from us. And he told her “it is for this reason God raised you as such a time as this”.
Esther did not despise prayer, but she also knew that somebody has to talk to the king. And Esther said “go and pray for me, take a three days fast, me too, i will fast”. When she was done praying, she did not stop there, she took her Scepter of influence, and went into the court of the king. Christian Daily Post. Mordecai can’t go that far, the intetcessors of Israel can’t go that far. Esther came, all she needed to do was to stand. And all the favour that belongs to Israel, God put it on one woman, because that woman represented the whole of Israel. A decree has already been passed. This is a king that will not change his word. His first wife disobeyed and immediately, he dethrone her, and never changed his mind. Because in those days, when a king changes his mind, he was consider weakness.
That’s why when the king gave commandment, that the head of John should be cut off, it pained him but he couldn’t change his mind.

But this is somebody that had so much influence with the king. The moment favour was put on her, before she spoke, the king said whatever you want I will give you, up to half of my kingdom. And the lady did not have too much demand. “My people should not be wipe out”. And the decree was reversed. It was not only reversed, the enemy of Israel was hung where he planned for Mordecai to be hanged.

If you take influence for granted, the church will suffer. Take influence for granted, the revival will stop.
Look at Rwanda for instance. The president stood up and say if you don’t have a theology certificate, your church is closed. If you like be the prophet God is telling about revival, your message has ended. If you like, let an Archangel appear to you and say you are the next apostle of Rwanda, if you don’t have a theology certificate, that revival will wait until you go back to university, because a man in the corridor of power made a statement and there is nothing you can do about it. That’s the power of influence.

That’s why, every sector of society, we must have a man there. Every corridor of power, we must have a man there. This is not carnality, this is kingdom advancement.
So, why some of us are fighting from the alter, others are fighting with Governmental scepter, others are fighting with Economy scepter, others are fighting with Media scepter….

  1. Jesus

After Jesus died, He was brought down from the cross. All the disciples who were willing to die for Him was stranded. Only God knows what would have happened to the body of Jesus. Meanwhile, the resurrected body of Jesus is the proof that christianity is not a lie. But Jesus was brought down from the cross and there was no tomb to bury Him. And suddenly in John 19:38-42, the Bible said “a secret disciple of Jesus showed up”. A man who have access in the corridor of power.

The Sabbath day was by the corner, if they don’t have a tomb, they will have to take His body outside and throw it away. What would have been of the resurrection?
But a man of influence said don’t worry, give me a moment and he made a contact for a tomb to be made available. This one is not prayer, this one is call. Instantly, they gave him a tomb no one have been buried in. And Jesus body was prepared with honour and dignity that is required.

Many divine agenda that are either frustrated or humiliated just because there is no influencial man. God sent you to that city you came into the city and they throw you out with the equipments because nobody can speak.

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